Affordable Sustainable Fashion: 15 Must-Have Staples Under $80 | Verte Mode

Affordable Sustainable Fashion: 15 Must-Have Staples Under $80 | Verte Mode

Sustainability and affordability can go hand in hand. As a sustainable marketplace, Verte Mode strives to provide affordable products in effort to make living an eco-friendly lifestyle more accessible. Living sustainably looks different for everyone, perhaps it’s opting for refillable products or supporting a sustainable small business. There’s no better time to share some sustainable goodies that are not only affordable but are perfect fall theme essentials. From household items to cozy teas, and everything in between, these budget-friendly choices will not only keep you fashionably snug but also align with our commitment to a greener planet. So, let’s dive in and discover how to elevate your autumn sustainably and sensibly. 

15 Eco-Friendly Essentials Under $80

Greeting Card -- I'm So Glad That Our Paths Crossed In This Universe

Goods That Matter - Greeting Card 

Spread some love this fall with a friendly Goods That Matter Greeting Card! Drop a line or a smile to your loved ones with the clever, conversational, and humorous cards from the collection.


Organic Autumn Tea Blend

Cultivate Taste Tea - Organic Autumn Spice

Nothing tastes more like fall than the Autumn Spice Tea Blend by Cultivate Taste. This organic tea is a mix of organic Indian Assam and Nilgiri black teas with organic orange peel and organic spices reminiscent of late autumn nights. A warm spicy organic black tea with hints of clove and cardamon. 


All-Natural Coconut Wax Candle

Orchid + Ash - MOONSTRUCK Natural Candle

Creamy honey + vanilla bean are the show stoppers, while a touch of coconut and hints of brown sugar add a complexity to the scent that make it so magical.


Onyx Black Crop Leggings

1 People - Kathmandu Crop Leggings In Onyx Black

Feel ready on any occasion with these urban look tight-pants that you can take to the gym or to a yoga class. Complete the look with a matching tank top or your favorite fall sweater.





Brass Statement Cuff

Raven + Lily - Anya Statement Cuff

With its pleasingly substantial weight and width, Anya instantly emboldens both your mood and your outfit. Made from upcycled brass in Kenya, the Anya Statement Cuff is shaped and polished by hand.


Sustainable Cardigan

YESAND - Agnes Cardigan

This perfect new shape adds coziness and flow to complete any look. Open style, higher cropped back, no front closure, and offered in two solids.


Natural Beeswax Lotion Bar

Busy Bees Candle Company Lotion Bar - Beeswax

Lotion Bars are a great choice for those of us looking for natural skin care made with simple ingredients without adding chemical toxins. The warmth of your hands melts the solid bar into your skin, while the Beeswax excels at hydrating and soothing the skin without clogging your pores. 


Conscia - Hydrate Lapis Shampoo

Full body without the frizz. Gently cleanses and boosts shine with a generous dose of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Formulated to restore moisture to your hair without weighing it down and nourish your scalp’s lipid moisture barrier.       


French Terry Drawstring Pant

YESAND - Alice Jogger

These are so much more than a French Terry drawstring pant. Think trouser/jean with perfectly placed pockets. Soft waistband, two side pockets, two back pockets.   


Ethically Recycled Plastic Crossbody

Day Owl - The Crossbody

As durable as it is versatile, you can wear it any way and anywhere. The best part is that it’s made from ethically recycled plastic.  


Natural Wool Dryer Balls

Hustle & Blush - Fluff Ewes "Bag Of Marbles" DYE FREE Natural Wool Dryer Balls

Ditch the disposable dryer sheets for Fluff Ewes "Bag of Marbles" dryer balls! This chic set of dryer balls is 100% dye-free. We utilized the natural wool colors and marbleized them into a beautiful neutral palette. 


Organic Handmade Screen-Printed 100% Cotton Kitchen Towel

Bit Of Meraki - Organic Handmade Screen-Printed 100% Cotton Kitchen Towel

There is no place for dull old ragged towels and wipes in your gorgeous kitchen! The 100% cotton kitchen towel set with the natural print that everyone loves, featuring an amazing combination of colors and shapes that adds a natural touch to your kitchen. 


Rectangle Cat Eye Sunglasses

Topfoxx - Bright As My Future Sunglasses - Black

Chic & trendy rectangle cat eye shades. Hand assembled sustainable sunglasses that makes you look good and feel good.  


Organic Gahana Knotted Diamond Pattern Beige & Offwhite Cushion

Bit of Meraki - Organic Curves' Gahana Knotted Diamond Pattern Beige & Offwhite Cushion

The cool striped knotted cover created using handloom cotton, adds a sense of luxury and decadence to your living space. With its square pattern and hidden zippered enclosure, the boho chic cover is stylish and practical. 

At Verte Mode, our mission is to make sustainable choices accessible to everyone. By curating this list of budget-friendly items, we aim to show that sustainability can be integrated into your everyday life. These products embody our commitment to a greener and more conscious way of living.

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