Building Your Sustainable Minimalist Wardrobe

Building Your Sustainable Minimalist Wardrobe

Summer is just about here, with the last days of May counting down. With that comes summer styles to jump into like a pool on a hot July day. Here at Verte Mode, we encourage sustainability, and we do that for a couple of reasons. Sustainability means taking care of the environment, and we do that by choosing eco-friendly materials. Eco-friendly materials are low impact on the environment, which essentially means they don't impact the environment as negatively as other materials do. Sustainability is also a lot of other things, such as ethical production and the degree to which other resources are used, such as water. As summer draws near, that means new styles to choose from. It's necessary first and foremost to use what you have. But if you're looking to replace old clothing, we have all the right choices for you. Take a look at our summer collection with these tips and tricks for building a minimalist summer wardrobe.

  1. Only what's necessary 

How much are you really going to wear this season? That's the burning question and one you should consider. That’s the key to minimalism -- knowing what to say yes and no to. Don’t keep what you don’t need to hold onto (but make sure it finds a new home; don’t just throw it away). There was one source that pared their fall wardrobe down to just 12 items. If you can manage that, go for it. If not, work toward something a little more realistic. You might want to figure out how many garments you want to own in total, then divide that by four. What’s great is that some items can overlap between seasons, so you don’t have to have specific items for specific seasons.

  1. Mix and match

Similar to a capsule wardrobe,  the goal is to get as much usage out of garments as possible and this comes with knowing how to mix and match your pieces together. Choose garments that are going to be able to fit with other garments well -- and not just for one outfit, but for multiple outfits. The key is knowing how to make best usage of every item you own, and we’ll get to that in another blog. 

  1. Don't overpack your space

Leave some room between garments. Just because you have the space doesn't mean you have to use it. You should be able to tell what’s in your closet without having to dig through what you own. That’s something to greatly consider as you are putting together your wardrobe. A part of this is figuring out how many garments you want per category of item. Categories to consider are: shorts, shirts, skirts, dresses, shoes. When you know what you wear most often, you can figure out the number of garments per category. There’s no specific guideline; it’s really up to you to decide. That will help you to know how much space to allot for each type of garment.

  1. Go for quality items

You’re going to want garments that last because the plan is to get a lot of use out of them. This is why fast fashion is a negative -- they don’t aim for quality, so they’re not going to last as long as other garments that were made with care. We have a blog on how to look for quality garments. One of the keys? Look at the stitching. You want garments with tighter stitches because they’re going to hold a lot better.

As we wrap things up, building a minimalist wardrobe can be summarized with one word: necessary. As you begin to go through your wardrobe, ask yourself, “is this necessary?” We cannot go on this journey with you, but we can cheer you on from the sidelines. We believe that you have what it takes to take this on. This guide can be used for all seasons, not just summer. So have a go at building your minimalist wardrobe this summer.

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