Ethical Sourcing: Exploring the Journey of Ethically Sourced Jewelry

Ethical Sourcing: Exploring the Journey of Ethically Sourced Jewelry

Finding your favorite jewelry pieces is truly how we as humans express ourselves. We feel a great sense of self-expression was sifting through our collection to find just the right piece to tie in an outfit. These pieces place final touches on your outfits and how we face the world. Others do not feel complete with the absence of their favorite jewelry items. Gold hoops to diamond studs, we all have top picks on deck. All this included you should never have to sacrifice a sustainable option of your everyday pieces. Ethically sourcing is a highly important concept in the jewelry business. It is environmentally conscious, responsible, and sustainable to follow the method of raw sourced materials. As a result of the heightened awareness from the everyday consumer, businesses are now fully understanding the importance of sustainable jewelry pieces.

Ethical and sustainable jewelry is simple terms means the items that are curated are sourced with zero or little negative impact to our environment. The overall production process of ethical jewelry also positively impacts that work in the industry as well. To place this into a perspective, this method fully ensures that extracting metals and gems will not bring down the quality of life to the community and gives employees that sourced these natural minerals fair pay and safe work environments. When gems and metals are sourced unethically, the follow-up of water pollution, erosion of the soil, and deforestation come as a result.

Jewelry pieces that are on the lower point of price, tend to have a shortened life span when compared to higher end ethical pieces. Therefore, seeking options that are sustainable to having positive long-term effects on your spending habits when it comes to your everyday jewelry pieces. When shopping, look out for ethical metals such as platinum and palladium. Gold, silver, stainless steel, and recycled gold are various other options that have dominated the sustainable jewelry market. Verte Mode has provided some of the industry's top picks easily accessible with an array of great options just for you.

Top Must Have Brands
Quill Fine Jewelry is at the top of our list of must haves! Founder Chloe Luo has been inspired by the delicate appearance of the classic feather pen tool as pieces of the brand mirror the look. She has dedicated her brand to intensive research, design, and thorough trial of each and every one of her top selling pieces. Quill is only ever made of only high-quality materials that you will truly adore. No matter what occasion you are shopping for, Quill has a piece just suited for you!

Arc CZ Necklace- Quill Fine Jewelry

Asia Opal Stud Earrings- Quill Fine Jewelry

Square Link Gold Anklet- Quill Fine Jewelry

Mae Pearl Signet Ring- Quill Fine Jewelry 

Laura Elizabeth goes in depth on what it means to be a sustainable jewelry brand. Only curated with the highest quality materials such as 100% recycled brass and sterling silver, Laura Elizabeth has created beautiful pieces without the worry of toxins.

Katelyn Petal Stud Earrings- Laura Elizabeth 

Ariana Textured Cuff Bracelet- Laura Elizabeth 

Eco-Friendly Double Chain Hamsa Necklace- Laura Elizabeth 

Wellthy offers consumers with premium sustainable jewelry pieces that are bound to stun each and every type of shopper. They have dedicated their brand to producing luxury sustainable jewelry to fit every lifestyle. Wellthy has pledged to go against the production of jewelry in the fast fashion realm and only market well-made pieces. Their conscious belief system has produced jewelry curated from gold and sterling silver that is always, of course, recycled!

Ball & Chain Threaders- Wellthy

Spiral Earrings- Wellthy

As mentioned previously, every jewelry consumer has varying tastes. For those seeking pieces that are bold with a strong statement, MHART has options just for you! Each and every design is a direct reflection of the designer, Michael Hartneys, passion for organic gemstones. Along with the strong attention to detail, their products are sourced with ethical materials perfect for everyone!

Handmade Fringe Earring- MHART

Handmade Black Freshwater Pearl Necklace- MHART

Handmade Triangle Pave Raw Diamond Earrings- MHART

Wanting to show out for a night out or everyday pieces for your workday, placing the pieces together by wearing your favorite jewelry has an effect on how you feel. These brands have made an impactful mark on the industry and offer you glamorous and ethical jewelry options!

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Absolutely love how this blog captures the essence of jewelry as a form of self-expression and personal style! It’s so true that the right piece of jewelry can truly tie an outfit together and make us feel complete. And the emphasis on sustainability and ethical sourcing is incredibly important in today’s world. It’s heartening to see businesses like Verte Mode leading the way in offering stylish and eco-conscious options for everyday wear. Quill Fine Jewelry sounds absolutely enchanting, with its dedication to quality materials and exquisite designs inspired by the classic feather pen. Definitely adding them to my must-visit list for my next jewelry haul! Thanks for sharing these valuable insights and recommendations.


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