Exploring the SANE Standard

Exploring the SANE Standard

The fashion industry has gone insane. That’s the argument the SANE standard is bringing to the table. I mean, just based on the carbon footprint alone, we’ve watched as our impact on the Earth has worsened over the years. Then there’s the waste--whether through fabric scraps or trashed clothing or dyes polluting our waters. Can we really get back to sane? After all of this? The SANE standard thinks we can, and we’re willing to listen.

Their website defines the SANE standard as, “a holistic certification for sustainable fashion products,” which looks to guarantee that products are made with equal respect for the environment, worker’s rights, and consumer’s health. It also seeks to help customers in recognizing which products are sustainable and ethical, as that can sometimes be tricky.

On a SANE standard product, you’ll find a very specific tag noting that the product is certified, along with four uniquely shaded cubes. You’ll see on the back that it says, “this product is certified SANE by an independent body. SANE certification guarantees the respect of the highest requirements on the following aspects: environmental, social, consumer safety.” SANE standard has a board of 13 people overseeing it, so it has a lot of oversight.

The question is: why do we need SANE standard? After all, do we really need another form of regulation? As it's stated on its website, SANE standard helps consumers to better recognize ethical and sustainable products. This could be revolutionary to the fashion industry. They seek to promote brands who fall into this category, as they deserve the spotlight. As it is, consumers have to do their own research when it comes to clothing and clothing brands. This can be time consuming, especially if brands aren’t upfront about what goes into making their products. Many aren’t, and that goes mostly for fast fashion companies. With the SANE standard, consumers can simply look at a tag and know that what they’re getting is quality made. They can also know that the brand is upholding the highest ethical standards.

Another benefit, and another way it can revolutionize the fashion industry, is by doing what it sets out to do: set a new standard. If we can hold brands to this standard, who knows what kind of changes we’ll see take place in the fast fashion industry? Perhaps we'll see more of a shift toward slow fashion as this takes off, as consumers seek out more sustainable fashion choices. We need someone to headline this shift, and the SANE standard is up to the task. We need to create a shift in the fashion industry or things are never going to change.

You may be wondering how the SANE standard came to be. According to this website, “the standard is the result of more than 5 years of research and consultations with hundreds of the industry’s stakeholders.” The start date goes back to January 19, 2019, and they’re looking toward an end date of June 30, 2050. In addition to this, “the standard focuses, in particular, on the choice of low-impact materials, the chemical content of final products, the environmental footprint of the processing stages, and the working conditions and remuneration of workers.”

We are looking forward to seeing where the SANE standard goes from here. At Verte Mode, we also strive to provide products that are both ethical and sustainable. We vet our brands in order to meet our own standards: desirability, responsible sourcing, premium ingredients, eco-friendly packaging, exceptional craftsmanship, and overall quality. We’re seeking to provide products with a low impact on the environment, and we believe we’re doing just that.
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