Fall In Love With Sustainability: Must-Have Eco-Friendly Autumn Essentials

Fall In Love With Sustainability: Must-Have Eco-Friendly Autumn Essentials

Fall fashion is officially here! As we transition our wardrobe from sundresses and denim shorts to embrace the cozy allure of autumn, we’re here to share some sustainable fashion wisdom.

The fast fashion industry plays a significant role in the rising environmental crisis. In-short, fast fashion is when trending fashion pieces are mass-produced at a low cost often utilizing toxic chemicals, and contributing to greenhouse gas emissions, all while being produced under harsh working conditions. While these pieces may seem like a bargain initially, the compromised quality and negative environmental impact end up costing more in the long-run. It’s an alarming concern to contemplate, especially while indulging in retail therapy, which is precisely why Verte Mode was created. 

As a sustainable marketplace, we take pride in selecting brands that meet the highest standard of sustainability. We’re passionate about sustainable fashion and firmly believe that our style can enhance our confidence and leave a positive impact on the planet. With that in mind, we’re thrilled to share our fall favorites that effortlessly combine trendiness with eco-consciousness

Textured Cotton Bolero – Verte Mode

The solid bolero features a wide open sleeve and crop fit. Handwoven from organic cotton to feature a textured finish. It’s truly the perfect layer for casual and formal outfits.


Liquid Silk Tank – Verte Mode

Made of 100% silk charmeuse, this bias cut tank with spaghetti straps makes an elegant basic. We highly recommend getting this tank in the color terracotta, the perfect fall shade.


V-Neck Jumpsuit – Verte Mode

The V-Neck Jumpsuit is a sophisticated and effortless silhouette for fall. Featuring a double-v neckline and wide leg with an optional belt to accent the tapered waist. The perfect dress alternatives for those chilly fall nights.


Deep V Neck Dress – Verte Mode

Make an effortless statement with our soft linen maxi dress. Pair with the Linen Featherlight Blouse or Loose Knit Linen Sweater. The lightweight linen blend makes this the perfect piece for a relaxed fall-weather look.


Frontward Wrap Dress - Warm – Verte Mode

The Frontward Wrap Dress is a timeless statement piece perfect for any fall wedding or formal event.


A sustainable and minimalistic coat by ZEROBARRACENTO – Verte Mode

The EBI is a midi coat with minimalistic shapes, designed to hug the body.Its playful collar will make you distinguish while enlivening your style. The pattern is developed based on a zero-waste technique that eliminates textile waste at the design stage


The new Sustainable and summer trench by ZEROBARRACENTO – Verte Mode

A gender-neutral and oversized summer trench, ANDREA is designed to gently accompany you in every situation, with its fluid and iridescent texture.


EBI Midi Vest - Camel – Verte Mode

This midi vest in blended wool is a timeless and gender-neutral piece. Made in Italy with high-quality materials it's developed by making use of the distinctive zero-waste technique.


Michi Bomber Jacket – Verte Mode

This bomber jacket is a timeless and gender-neutral piece. The design has a semi-rigid mandarin collar as well as wide volumes on the front and side pockets.


The ideal gender-neutral tunic by ZEROBARRACENTO – Verte Mode

Oversized waterproof short-sleeved tunic for a relaxed approach to life allowing versatility, modularity and fluidity. Minimalistic shapes with wide, three-quarter-length sleeves.


Buy Baby Rib Knit Dress – Verte Mode

This black rib dress is perfect for a WOW moment. You can wear it day in and night out and feel like a million dollars, paired with your favorite kitten heel for party time and with your cool Birkenstock while doing some fun shopping.


Havana Oversized Linen Blazer in Licorice Black – Verte Mode

This Havana Oversized Linen Blazer offers a timeless design and effortless style. Crafted with soft linen, its double-breasted structure, notch collar and straight fit create an on-trend look.


Paneros Kate Blazer in Coconut Milk – Verte Mode

This blazer was running for local office but quickly realized she could have much more fun being a timeless fashion icon. Made from the softest stock Tencel and lined with a lightweight recycled rayon.

Choosing sustainable fashion doesn’t mean you have to compromise style. In fact, you’re choosing to invest in pieces that are made with the highest quality materials that are sure to stand the test of time, ensuring that your wardrobe remains stylish and conscious for years to come. So as the leaves begin to change colors, let’s fall in love with sustainability. Together, we can make a lasting impact on our planet as we opt for more eco-friendly choices. To shop more fall fashion, head on over to our site!

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