How to Easily Navigate and Shop Sustainable Fashion

How to Easily Navigate and Shop Sustainable Fashion

How to Easily Navigate and Shop Sustainable Fashion

So, you're interested in purchasing a new clothing piece. Going shopping for clothing is an exciting time where you are able to revamp your wardrobe. Trends are changing and so are you. We know how exciting this can be. However, you do not want to contribute to the truly horrifying fact of the negative environmental impact the fashion industry has. Attempting to follow what experts are saying can be too much to follow. No need to worry as we can curated an easy-to-follow piece. Hassle aside and actually enjoy shopping sustainable. 


The Challenges

Conversing with passionate, sustainable and conscious consumers, you will come to find out that there are various aspects that are stopping you from committing to the sustainable way of fashion. Firstly, by committing to this lifestyle, sifting through much of the noise to conclude what brands and companies are truly sustainable. Greenwashing is prevalent in the fashion industry and brands are notorious for following this way of advertising.
As a consumer of fashion, you are aware of your own sense of style and fashion. As a result of this, you must factor in your style, clothing size, and how to ship merchandise to your country with brands that are sustainable. Every consumer is different which means every brand is different.


Tips to Follow

Now image yourself when you shop. What particular pieces do you find yourself gravitating to? Are there certain occasions that influence how you shop? Never go into a shopping trip not having a vision. No matter what your end result for the outfit looks like. Next, by shopping second hand and on sustainable marketplaces, you as the shopper will find everything you need without the worry of if the pieces are sustainable or not. Shop hundreds of top brands that consumers in the fashion space are loving!

Shop Sustainable with Verte Mode

We understand the challenges one might face when wanting to switch to sustainable. Imagine a world where shopping sustainable, conscious clothing was hassle-free. At Verte Mode, we have dedicated our brand to help guide you, the consumer, towards the lifestyle you have dreamed of. We have eliminated the difficult part of searching hours on the internet to seek out brands that cover all categories of life. Beauty, clothing, accessories, wellness, and more. Our online sustainable marketplace also includes must-have collections with tops picks curated by our founder, Aalia Mauro. Here at Verte Mode, we’re setting new standards for sustainability in ecommerce.

Fashion Must-Haves

Antonia Erre is a fashion brand curated by women for women. With top values of innovation, self-love, and sustainability, Antonia Erre remains a Verte Mode best seller. Their pieces are composed only with organic materials to give you the best quality items that last. This brand is a Verte Most favorite must try!


Roundneck sweater - Bio Moon- Antonia Erre

Flared Organic Cotton Pants- Antonia Erre

Airy Turtle Neck Sweater- Antonia Erre

ZEROBARRACENTO is a Verte Mode favorite amongst our consumers and for good reason. Sustainability is the core of Zerobarracento. Seasonless garnets are curated around the consumer's needs every season. Their pieces are sourced with only the highest of quality and designed for longevity.

Doresu Hand-Knitted Dress- ZEROBARRECENTO

Andrea Oversized Trench Coat- ZEROBARRECENTO



Founded on the basis of effortlessly timeless looks while keeping conscious responsibility the priority, 1 People is a stylish brand with a passion for high-quality fashion. Danish founded, this brand believes in transparency between brand and consumer. A quality we love.

Salzburg - Hand Knitted Wool Cocoon Cardigan- 1 People

Mallorca Organic Cotton Twill Asymmetric Skirt- 1 People

 Dublin - PYRATEX® Organic Cotton Cosy Top- 1 People

Along with the top brands mentioned, our Best Sellers page is a great method to view not only top sellers, however, also brands that place sustainability at the forefront.

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