Sustainable Alternatives to Fast Fashion | Verte Mode

Sustainable Alternatives to Fast Fashion | Verte Mode

Welcome to the world of sustainable fashion! Fashion is for everyone, a creative and important form of self-expression. Unfortunately, the global fast fashion market has taken over becoming a $99 billion industry, meaning the quick output of clothes these apparel companies are producing are creating a significant amount of pollution and degradation of natural resources which leads to long-term negative effects to the planet.

Here at Verte Mode, we love fashion and are leading the way to make sustainable fashion more accessible offering an array of trendy clothes and accessories that are not only stylish but eco-friendly. So, enter the realm of sustainable alternatives to your fast fashion favorites - a journey that doesn’t compromise on style or ethics. Get ready to revamp your style game responsibly as we explore how embracing sustainable fashion can transform not only your closet but the world as well.

13 Eco-Friendly Travel Essentials That Are A Must:

The Simple Folk Dreamer Dress - Olive

Awaken your inner dreamer. Made from airy tumbled cotton that also features adjustable straps. Perfect for all the expecting mommas out there, this piece is mindfully made to be both bump and breastfeeding friendly. 


1 People Dakar Straight Leg Jumpsuit - Porcelain White

This Dakar straight-leg jumpsuit is designed to make getting dressed easy. With it’s flowy light-weight material, this is the perfect fit for any outdoor event or vacation. 

1 People Florence Organic Cotton Twill Bermuda Shorts - White Dove

These high-waisted above the knee shorts give you the edgy look you didn’t know you needed. Made of organic 100% cotton these shorts offer ultimate comfort and can be dressed up for a night out or dressed down for a casual get-together.  


Paneros Demi Short - Cherry Punch

The ultra-airy, ultra-flattering Demi Short, in all of her high-waisted glory, generously offers a personalized look with an adjustable belt and elastic waist. These buttery soft, sustainable, and made from TENCEL short are ethically made in small batches to reduce our environmental impact. 


Dunsel's Sailbags The Classic Tote

Made from upcycled sailboat sails and textile waste, The Classic Tote is incredibly durable and secures your valuables with an internal zipper pocket, that holds your phone, wallet, and keys for easy access. 


1 People Sydney Piñatex Handbag - Latte White

Looking to add a cute handbag to your wardrobe? Structured sophisticatedly from the top handle and the metal zipper to its edgy adornment and stubbed bottom. Sustainably made from plant-based leather, add this unique purse to your wardrobe.


Ocean Prairie Sundrop Slip Dress - Orange Poppy

A mid-length slip dress that is made to accentuate a woman’s natural shape. Not only offering comfort, the cut and material allow the dress to effortlessly drape the body, enhancing curves in a flattering, feminine design.

1 People Rachel Carson Silk Le Grand Scarf

Scarfs are now in! Their versatility is a great for any outfit and the Silk Le Grand Scarf happens to be one of our favs. Made entirely of silk this eco-friendly scarf is made while conserving water and soil. Wear it around your neck for comfort or attach it around the handle to accentuate your favorite handbag. 


Paneros Beaded Kaia Shirt Mahalo Print

Add a bit of island glam to your look with this breezy hand-beaded shirt. Pair it with your favorite bottoms, tie it up, or wear it open over your favorite bathing suit. Ethically made in Bali made out of rayon, providing a more sustainable option. 

By opting for conscious fashion, you’re sending a powerful message to the industry. Remember that every outfit you choose to wear is an opportunity to advocate for change - one that demands transparency, ethical practices, and commitment to our planet. If you're wanting to explore beyond just sustainable fashion, Verte Mode offers a variety of resources and products aiming to help people achieve an eco-friendly lifestyle that’s beneficial for you and our planet.  

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