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There's nothing quite like Fall fashion! 

It's the perfect opportunity to feel chic and cozy with tons of layers and soft fabrics.

But don't let the excitement of Fall tempt you to buy fast fashion options. It's important to invest in sustainable pieces that not only look great but are also great for the environment.

The following pieces from Verte Mode are not only eco-friendly but made with the highest quality, so you'll wear them for many Fall seasons to come!


Sloane Crewneck in Mocha

Warm and in an autumnal brown, this sweater is cozy enough to get you through fall (and maybe winter, too).

Diana Pointelle Cardigan in Black

This cardigan can be paired with a tank top or dress. Its knit pattern brings a lovely look to any outfit.

Fia Cardigan

It may be spring-like in color but is made to keep you warm all autumn long. Add a little pastel to your life.

Sustainable Organic Alvyia Natural Collared Long Sleeve Shirt

A button up offers a sleek look. Paired with matching pants, this is a "dress to impress" kind of outfit.

Dawn Blouse in Black

The Dawn blouse brings peasant chic with its accents along the waist, sleeves, and collar.

Emily Cardigan in Burgundy

A textured cardigan in a deep burgundy.

Sustainable Organic Tierra Natural High-Waist Fitted Skirt

Just because there's a chill in the air doesn't mean you have to give up skirts. This long, high waist skirt is just what you need for the season.


Which of these sustainable pieces is your favorite? Let us know below!

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