Sustainable Dresses for This Summer 2024

Sustainable Dresses for This Summer 2024

Sustainability, as I've been learning, is about building a better future for both humans and the environment. We can do this by providing safe workplaces and ensuring that the process by which a product is manufactured is done ethically, as well as ensuring that the materials used are eco-friendly. This combination of ethical and eco-friendly production make up what we consider to be sustainability.

Here at Verte Mode, we have six standards by which we evaluate the brands we offer. They are: materials, carbon footprint, corporate integrity, life cycle, social fairness, and shipping and packaging. We believe in a well-rounded business which cares for both its workers and the environment, and that’s why we maintain the point system that we do. As you can see, it covers a variety of aspects.

We also have a list of must-have requirements, and we’ll go through those below.

1) Statement of sustainable business practices certified and published on the business website or other public announcements

With sustainability, first and foremost, it’s important to know how a business goes about it. Not just that, but also knowing what certifications they have. It’s one thing to say you’re sustainable; it’s another to actually have proof.

2) Provide proof of fair labor practices at all stages of the supply chain

Again, we look for proof of fair labor practices. We want to know that they are taking care of their workers and that comes with actual certification and evidence of such. This must occur at all stages of the supply chain, throughout the manufacturing process.

3) Full materials and ingredients list

Next, we want to know that what’s going into a product is sustainable. Otherwise, businesses may try to get away with greenwashing. That’s why it is so important to have a full run-down of what a business is using in their products.

4) Third-party certifications

As we mentioned before, we need to see that a business is certified by outside parties. We look for certifications from organizations such as Fair Trade and the Fair Wear Foundation.

5) Full transparency of production and supply chain from sourcing, suppliers, factories, to worker safety and condition

Last but not least is transparency. This ties into all of the previous points. What this means is that a business is upfront and honest about everything that goes into making their products.

To tie it all off, here are some sustainable dresses for you to wear this summer. We curated a list of dresses that are going to shine this season. They are made with eco-friendly materials, which means things like that they do not contain harsh chemicals or dyes and are also able to biodegrade easily. We hope you'll give them a try.

Padilla Long Dress (Pre-Order)

A fun look that works for any occasion.

Coral Seville Maxi Dress

Perfect for the beach or the farmer's market, this dress is incredibly versatile.

Alaya Linen Dress (Made-to-Order)

Think of it a bit like a blast from the past with its puffed sleeves and cinched waistline.

Allegra Maxi Dress Indigo

This dress is also perfect for the beach, great to throw over a swimsuit.

Piemonte Ruffled Dress

If you're looking to keep it formal yet casual, this is the dress for you.

Amores Crochet Mini Dress (Pre-Order)

Crochet: it isn't just for your grandmother. It can be stylish, too!

Gigi Vichy Dress Lavender

Dainty and elegant are two perfect words to describe this dress.

Green Marbella Silk Dress (Made-to-order)

A 50s dream, elegant and altogether lovely.

Solstice Dress

This dress screams summer, with its warm colors and flowing fabric.

Aurora Midi Dress

This dress is great for whatever the day brings and will keep you feeling cool.

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