Sustainable & Stylish Coats for the Chilly Winter Season | Verte Mode

Sustainable & Stylish Coats for the Chilly Winter Season | Verte Mode

As we get deeper in the colder months of the year, we are starting to turn to our favorite coats of the season. Its the most wonderful time of the year where we revolve our outfits around the long trench coat or stylist peacoat. Whether you are dressing for brisk and breezy days or frigid snowy ones, having a stylish yet sustainable option in your wardrobe is key this winter season. No need to worry much, as we have placed together a list of our top picks and why turning towards a more earth conscious option for your favorite winter coat is the way to go! 

Shopping for your winter coat can be stressful enough, let alone adding the aspect of sustainable picks. When you purchase an ethical piece of clothing, no matter what it is, you are doing your part in being earth conscious. Reducing your human impact on the environment by dimensioning your carbon footprint by not having to purchase a new coat each and every season. Sustainable pieces are long lasting and are made to stay with you through those tough winters. This is a result of the eco-friendly materials and clean manufacturing. When you are purchasing fast fashion or non-sustainable pieces, you are buying an item that is honestly meant to last that season. Even if having your favorite material composition as a factor, the advanced technology for the production of sustainable pieces allows for anything to be possible. With that being said, no matter what your preference may be when choosing your go-to coat, here at Verte Mode, we have a pick or picks just right for you.

Verte Mode Top Picks

Chico Extra Long Coat

Chio Extra Long Coat- ZEROBARRACENTO

Starting off strong with the Chio Extra Long Coat in shade Camel from Zerobarracento. There is truly nothing better than incorporating a staple long coat into your winter style routine.This unisex piece comes in the classic camel shade that allows for a chic pairing with any addition to your look, including a black boot and straight leg jean. This long coat is assembled with 100% recycled materials and high quality Italian Re.VerSo that is formulated in a zero waste solution, we love that! Made oversized and perfect for layering, this piece is first up on our list of must haves.


Tanzen Extra Long Patterned Coat- ZEROBARRACENTO 

Sticking to the long style of coats, the Tanzen Extra Long Patterned Coat also from Zerobarracento falls next. Those who are gravitated to pattern pieces that elevate their wardrobe, this coat is for you. The Tanzen Extra Long Patterned Coat has taken inspiration from the traditional Japanese model suitable for the winter season. Different in structure than the Chio Extra Long Coat, this coat has a relaxed fit and lays to achieve a flowier look. Composted from vintage wool to ensure warmth, it mirrors Zerobarracento zero waste technique.

Women's Fur Trench Coat- Resew House

For those who are seeking the traditional clothing piece of the winter season, the Resew House Women's Fur Trench Coat is ideal. Available in classic black, red, green, and pink, this winter coat allows you to dress up or down. Structured to give the perfect fit and is created with touchable softness, this coat is a faux fur blend that makes it perfect for a sustainable piece to include into your collection.


The Clarice Midi Coat from ZEROBARRACENTO in purple is the perfect item for those who love to take the winter season to show off colors in their wardrobe. The winter coat from Zerobarracento is the most perfect shade of purple from the cooler months. Formulated with 100% certified organic wool, this coat has gone through compliance with some of the most stringent environmental and social criteria to ensure that you are receiving the most sustainable end result. This piece has a loose and relaxed fit, ideal for everyone.

Juban Formal Belted Kimono- ZEROBARRACENTO
Zerobarracentos Juban Formal Belted Kimono is a perfect take on the traditional Kimono and is fifth on our list of must-have winter coats. This piece is a form of a petticoat that is gender-neutral for a less formal fit than the traditional. Composed of 100% GRS certified BembergTM, made from cotton linters, and ecotoxicity certification by lnnovhub-SSI. Available in classic black and brick, this coat is one of our favorites!

 Full Zip Sherpa Jacket- Resew House
Different from the rest but nothing less, the Full Zip Sherpa Jacket from Resew House is your classic sherpa jacket that you will love to include into your winter wardrobe collection. This piece from Resew House is a full zip up jacket with an oversized fit that is just perfect for layering. This jacket is the perfect addition for those who love to dress for warmth when it comes to their athletic outfits. Also, great for a casual inclusion for a night out fit.

Rather than a long trench, the Alex Trench Coat from Zerobarracento is my personal addition to this list. Available in black and gray, this coat is composed of recycled materials and 60% GRS certified Re.VerSo. Which simplified is a renovated way of the production process that allows for technology and science to create high quality materials. This includes wool and cashmere. A truly timeless piece for the chilly winter season.

Michiyuki Midi Coat- ZEROBARRACENTO
Another classic piece from Zerobarracento, the Michiyuki Midi Coat  is the perfect blend between a traditional trench coat and a petticoat. The midi coat is composed of sustainable wool and polyester, once again a product of Re.VerSo. The structure is built to have a frontal closure with a squared collar, different from what we have previously mentioned. Different from other variations of the midi coat, this piece has a semi rigid collar and wide volume pockets located in the front and back. A perfect coat with so much to offer.

Vilnius Mid-Length Linen Coat- Amour Linen
Think of a breezy but cold day where you just want a piece that is light but still offers you that coat feel. The Vilnius Mid-Length Linen Coat from Amour Linen is ideal. Opposite from a thick petticoat or trench coat, this coat allows for breathable movement. Available in 13 stylist colors perfect for each and every consumer, this linen coat has been created from 100% European certified linen. Because of the stone washed during production, this gives the coat an ultra soft feel that you are bound to adore.

Tsukesage Fluid Blazer- ZEROBARRACENTO
Final on our list is the Tsukesage Fluid Blazer from Zerobarracento. While this piece is labeled as a blazer, it gives everything a coat would and more. Available in lilac gray and olive, this blazer is composed of organic & mulesing free wool, which is all GOTS certified. GOTS, also known as the Global Organic Textile Standard. Of which is a certification that is known by all major markets. Oversized fit and hangs down to the waistline, this piece is a beautiful wool blazer that would be an amazing addition to your winter collection.

Incorporating a sustainable winter coat into your wardrobe will benefit you in the long. Weather you are purchasing for yourself or giving the gift to someone you love, we hope you take these considerations of our favorites for the winter season!

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