The Darzah Collection

The Darzah Collection

Here on Verte Mode, we find so much joy in featuring brands that promote sustainability. That’s our main goal as a company, showing off products that are made with tender care, as well as giving you the ability to find them with ease. We do this by giving a platform to brands who share our values, and you can learn more about those over on the sustainability tab on our website. Today, we’re going to highlight one brand whose purpose we find absolutely beautiful. Join us as we take a look at Darzah.

Darzah is a Palestinian brand and nonprofit organization with products made 100% in Palestine. The word Darzah means stitch in Arabic, which is a perfectly fitting name given their intentional craftsmanship. As it says on their website, “you can be certain that every dollar spent contributes to living wages, reliable work, and training opportunities for our artisans in the West Bank.” We absolutely love that they promote ethical business practices in this way.

All of their products feature a lovely pattern called Tatreez, which is a traditional art form passed down through generations of women. It connects women of all ages, telling the history of the Palestinian culture through stitching. Again, this is something we love about them. They keep alive an art form that could just as easily fade away if we’re not careful, bringing it instead to the larger world. Tatreez is something that deserves appreciation. As you’ll see below, the Tatreez pattern is beautifully made. It’s unlike anything else, perfectly unique. We can learn from the art of passing down tradition, as it’s something we all can do.

Amal Headband - Red

This lovely headband will keep your hair back in a stunning red.

Blue Tatreez Pouch

Keep all of your odds and ends together in this pastel pouch with deep blue accents.

Camel Tatreez Tea Towel

Bring a hint of Tatreez to tea time.

Carnation Pillow - Black

A pillow that will fit with any decor.

Cauliflower Tatreez Tea Towel

Bright greens and yellows make up this cauliflower pattern, stitched with care.

Dalia Coasters - Gold

These coasters are dazzlingly intricate in their designs.

Half Moon Clutch in Red

Carry all of your needs in this artisan bag

Mona Cross Strap Sandal - Berry

Perfect for the summer are these sandals in berry.

Pre- Order Velvet Tatreez Crossbody in Berry

Functional and beautiful is this crossbody that can some with you wherever you may go.

Nasrin Ankle Boot - Brown

These boots are a classic boot with a Tatreez twist on the heels.

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The Darzah Collection

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