The Spring Capsule Wardrobe You've Been Looking For

The Spring Capsule Wardrobe You've Been Looking For

I’m a total newbie when it comes to capsule wardrobes, but for what it’s worth, I think they’re a pretty neat practice. I mean, I know the basics, I’m aware of the main principle, but building an entire wardrobe intentionally? That’s a whole other ball game. It sounds a tad bit intimidating, but I’m willing to go on this journey if you are. For those who are just as new to it as me, a capsule wardrobe is made up of around 30 items. To put that into perspective, my current wardrobe is almost four times that. The other defining factor to emphasize is that every item is curated in order to easily mix and match for optimal outfit choices. Sounds like a dream, right? I mean, all of your clothes are handpicked to go together, and it takes up less space. Why wouldn’t you want to go the capsule route? It’s sustainable, too. By being more intentional with what you purchase, you’re cutting down on potential waste. Less clothes with more precision means you’re not going through clothes as quickly. Buying garments that are eco-friendly helps the environment. But we need a starting point, a bit of inspiration. With that, here are ten items I’ve brought together to get you started for Spring. Take some time to go through your wardrobe with these tips in mind. But first: what you need to have and why.

  • T-shirts: you can pair these with shorts or dresses for the cutest casual outfits; they’re the pieces can you add over the base garments in a variety of ways
  • Blouses: again, you can pair these with shorts for something with a little more flair
  • Shorts: the spring weather is here, and pants are officially on the back burner for a little while; they’re the base of every outfit
  • Skirts: dress up any t-shirt or go a little more classy with a blouse
  • Dresses: you’re going to want to find dresses that are versatile, even if it’s just pairing it with a cardigan; bonus points if you can pair it with a t-shirt

Looks #1-3

All three of these items can be paired lovingly with the Fia Cardigan, a gentle shade of pink, peach, and robin’s egg blue that goes well with both the two white garments and brings a lightness to the darker shades of the Flora mini dress.

Fia Cardigan

It was inspired by the colors of a spring garden, so what better cardigan to choose than this one for those brisk spring breezes? This cardigan is our base garment, one we can  center a variety of clothing items around.

Ophelia Midi Dress

Every capsule wardrobe needs at least one dress, and this one practically screams spring. It is something out of Shakespeare and just as classic.

Lily Tank

Next is the Lily Tank. I love it because you can add a variety of accessories to it without feeling too chaotic, so you get the most usage out of your jewelry.

Flora Mini Dress

This dress brings a bohemian chic vibe that dances like flower petals.

Look #4

Next up is a single look, made for those chillier days.


Sierra Mini Dress

This dress brings a unique pattern with fabric that is both light and airy.

Sloane Crewneck in Black

To add another layer to the Sierra Mini Dress, we’re going to throw over a black crewneck sweater.

Looks #5-7

Lastly, we’ll look at garments to pair with the denim shorts.

Paneros Demi Short in Coconut Milk

When you’re building a capsule wardrobe, you’re going to want to choose garments that can be paired with just about anything. That’s why I own two pairs of blue shorts -- they go with any t-shirt or crop top. White shorts are a safe bet, because you can pair them with both t-shirts and blouses to dress it up or dress it down.

Bali Knit Tank

This pastel pattern is great for spring and those days when summer starts to break through.

Maya Flutter Top

Florals are great for this time of year, and this top brings a lovely touch to your outfit.

Iris Camisole in Hydrangea

A powder blue camisole.

And Speaking of jewelry…

All of these were hand-picked to go with any of the outfits.

Meghan Double Hoop Gold Post Earring

Simple, overlapping double hoop earrings.

Sasha Gold Double Hoop Earring

Double hoop earrings looped together.

Boyfriend Band Ring

A simple yet sophisticated boyfriend band ring.

Amelia Gold Station Necklace with Baguette Stone Charms

Accented with baguette stone charms, this necklace is both casual and elegant.

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