The Ultimate Guide to Eco-Friendly Bags: Sustainable Materials and Style

The Ultimate Guide to Eco-Friendly Bags: Sustainable Materials and Style

Bags over the timeline of humanity have been a way of self-expression. Some prefer larger, multipurpose totes, while others prefer smaller more practical additions to their outfit. Throwing on your favorite bag to pull an outfit together can brighten your mood. 

As we have progressed as a society, we have strayed farther and farther away from naturally derived materials when it comes to formulations of handbags bags and totes. Unethically derived leathers, an artificial fabric, have been common with popular brands the last several years. Overconsumption has been running rampant, especially when it comes to the subject. While shopping at consignment and thrift stores is extremely practical for the everyday fashion consumer, Verte Mode has curated collections and collaborated with brands to provide ethically sourced and top tier sustainable certified bags that you will adore.
When in search of a sustainable bad composed of organic materials, you might find yourself coming to a roadblock. Sustainability is not a trend yet a lifestyle that many fashions dedicated brands are starting to recognize. Organic cotton, vegan leather and wool felt are all common organic materials that are found and sustainable bags. These high-end quality bags are our ideal and known for their durability and longevity and by involving these highly sourced materials, they ensure certified sustainability and are eco-friendly. Organic cotton for example is a sustainable material that is one of the most common pieces of high-quality handbags. This variation of cotton is grown without synthetic pesticides and harmful fertilizers. This form of cotton also aids in the environmental impact of cotton production by promoting a healthy foundation of soil for plants and water combined.
Vegan Leathers have been up and coming as many adore the look of a leather handbag. Vegan leather is a synthetic substitute for the traditional leather derived from animals. In which makes it a perfect ethical choice for those who are gearing towards a more earth conscious option. Other variations of leather that are also ideal include mushroom leather, cork leather and recycled leather. Upcycled materials are a common form of production by turning old used products into something more useful and newer for the fashion consumer. This method is highly used to reduce waste and eliminate over consumerism by overproducing.
Hopefully you have a better understanding of sustainable materials in the realm of handbags. Verte Mode, much like many other aspects of our everyday life, provides you, be consumer, with a list of must have bags that are amazing sustainable additions to your collection.
Ecokorek has aced the sustainable production by producing handbags that are derived from high quality Portuguese cork. Their handbags come from the workshop of Artelusa which is a small business with the traditional production of cork since 1998. Their bags are practical yet spacious and provide a versatile option for those seeking a multi-purpose tote.

Ecokorek- Cork Vegan Handbag ORELO Cork

Ecokorek- Cork Vegan Backpack OLIVA Brown

Ecokorek- Sustainable Cork Vegan Handbag ENVELOPE

Ecokorek- Cork Vegan Backpack UMO

Raven + Lily is a Verte Mode favorite for good reason. This Certified B Corporation brand is a member of the Fair-Trade Federation, has dedicated their brand to producing sustainable bags with materials that derive from leather to semi-precious stones and cotton. All their handbags are created to be effortless and easy going with a beautiful finish formulated by artisan partners in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. In result bringing you the highest quality and sought out bag.

Raven + Lily Mulu Magazine Tote - Wisteria

Raven + Lily- Mulu Carryall - Cactus Flower

Raven + Lily- Mulu Crossbody - Climbing Ivy

Raven + Lily- Addis Camera Bag- Climbing Ivy

Harper The Label is seen in Aalia’s Edit, as one of her tops must have brands. Harper the Label is a Verte Mode favorite for those sustainably obsessed. Elevate your everyday style effortlessly with their collection of chic multipurpose styling bags. Their bags are handcrafted with Chrome free leather that creates a smooth and buttery finish. The line of bags from their collection was born in a search for a beautiful, simple, and thoughtful bag design that the founders couldn't seek in the market. The pieces of their brand are intended to be modern pieces and warn throughout all seasons of the year for maximum use. As a brand, Harper the Label rejects the traditional fashion cycle of over consumption and emphasizes quality and transparency.

Harper The Label- Everyday Crossbody

Harper The Label- Hoop Bag

Harper The Label- Folded Backpack 

No matter the purpose of your bag and what you're seeking, having an addition that is curated for your outfit is truly a confidence builder. Adding the aspect of sustainable and quality pieces may render impossible. However, with our top tips and must have brands, you are able to have a smooth transition into a zero waste and consumption free fashion style.

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