The Ultimate Guide to Sustainable Backpacks & Totes for the Fall | Verte Mode

The Ultimate Guide to Sustainable Backpacks & Totes for the Fall | Verte Mode

Having a rotation of reliable yet stylish bags and totes is essential for any season of life, including fall. Whether you're heading into the office, making a pit stop at the grocery store, or gearing up for a busy travel day, our bags play a pivotal role in keeping us organized and ready for the day’s adventures. Opting for sustainable bag ensures that it’s both high-quality and ethically-made, offering the best of both worlds. With the fall season officially here and busy days ahead, we’ve handpicked a range of our best-selling backpacks and totes to seamlessly enhance your organization while keeping you in vogue.

The Best Sustainable Backpacks & Totes for Fall

At Verte Mode, you’ll discover a diverse collection of eco-friendly backpacks and totes, available in an assortment of shapes, sizes, and colors, catering to various preferences. Whether your shopping for yourself or seeking the perfect gift for a friend, we’re confident you’ll find the perfect bag!


 Zem Mini Backpack

A scaled down, everyday backpack with all the durability and organizational features for any activity.

Earth Backpack - Sustainable Backpack for School and Everyday use

It's sustainable, practical, spacious, durable, and made of natural fibers. Bring it wherever you go.

The Folded Backpack

This piece brings style and chic to the traditional backpack, for when you don't need all that extra space and want to add a little bit of flair to your outfit.

Misfit Slim Pale Olive Backpack

Perfect for staying compact, this backpack works great for when you need to get around without a lot of added weight.

Tote bags with trolley sleeve

This tote bag comes with a trolley sleeve, great for things like passports and keys.

Sabah Market Tote - Cream

The Sabah Market Tote is a take on the classic tote and can store all that you need it to.

Executive Work Tote Bag


Lastly, the Executive Work Tote will get you through the work day with everything you need.


As we approach this hectic fall season, let’s encourage ourselves to embrace eco-conscious choices in our daily routines. Bring a reusable bag next time you visit the grocery store, consider supporting eco-friendly businesses, or think about investing in a sustainable work bag, and take a moment to reflect on our environmental choices. By making these small adjustments, we’re making a positive impact on our planet. Together, we can create a more eco-friendly and stylish future. 

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