Leaders of Hope

Aalia Mauro - Enviornmentalist, Slow Fashion Campaigner, Founder/CEO, Verte Group 

Aalia Mauro is the founder and CEO of Curated Sustainable Marketplace, Verte Mode and founder of digital media, Verte Media. She is a Serial entrepreneur, experienced CMO and an award winning Creative Director in the retail and tech industry. Verte Mode offers fashion, beauty, and home products that are strictly sourced from brands that prioritize the environment.

Aditi Mayer - Creator, Storyteller, and Activist 

In her blog, Sustainable Thinking, Mayer says “sustainability demands reimagination of the system” and discusses 4 frameworks that must be considered in order for sustainability to be achieved. Through these frameworks, she proves that true sustainability can only happen when the industry is held accountable. 
1. Fashion and Biodiversity
How can we be more conscious of the material / land we use?
2. Cultural Hegemony
Produce clothes ethically and use them for its original purpose. Maintain the traditional ways of cultivating the plants / fabrics. 
3. Production by the Masses
Importance of upcycling and ways consumers can do that. 
4. Individual Change Meets System Change
The difference between being a conscious consumer vs being a consumer activist. 

Julia Watkins - AuthorBlogger, and Photographer

Inspired by her agrarian community and past volunteer work in other countries, Julia Watkins learned to appreciate and adopt a slower lifestyle.  She's the creator behind the instagram @simply.living well and author of the book, Gardening for Everyone. Whether you're looking for ways to upcycle scraps into home decor, or need an easy recipe with ingredients from your garden, she’s guaranteed to have a step-by-step tutorial.

Melissa Hemsley - Chef, Author, Influencer

With a love for cooking and a passion for sustainability,  Melissa Hemsley combined the two and has written multiple cookbooks and sustainability columns. Each recipe has been carefully curated, always replacing gluten, grains, and refined sugars, with natural sweeteners and healthy fats. In her books, she stresses the importance of using foods that are “grown with the seasons and with respect for the people that grow it” (Hemsley).
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