Eco-Friendly Entertainments: Hosting Green Gatherings | Verte Mode

Eco-Friendly Entertainments: Hosting Green Gatherings | Verte Mode

Time to gather around the table and brush up on your sustainable hosting decorations! What better place to look for all your eco-friendly hosting essentials than Verte Mode. We’ve got everything from serving platters to stylish kitchen attire! Verte Mode helps transform your house into a home. We specialize not only in sustainable goods but we believe in artisan goods. By investing in artisan goods you are investing in people who put their blood, sweat, and tears into their craft. You are not only supporting people who genuinely love what they craft but you are also providing more jobs. To live a more green lifestyle helps not only the planet but the people all around you.


Neepa Hut -  Inabel Handcrafted Placemat 

Set the dinner table with this hand crafted Neepa Hut placemat! Made up of Inabel fabric which is essentially prepped by turning cotton fibers into spools of beeswax-brushed yarn. This hand woven placemat was created by former orphans, students, and elderly artisans in the Philippines. Add a touch of fresh air to your dining area with these ocean blue placemats!


Neepa Hut - Hand Woven Round Tray I All Natural

Bring your dinner table to life with this multi purpose tray! Add some festive pumpkins, pine cones, flowers, or some lemons to elevate your table’s decor. Made with seagrass, this tray originated from the cottage industry in the Philippines where they carefully handcrafted each tray with a unique technique. This versatile tray will add that touch of sophistication to any your upcoming gatherings!


Organic Handmade Neem Wood Chopping Board/Platter

This Neem Wood chopping board from Bit Of Meraki, is the perfect snacking board for your guests as everyone waits for dinner! Made up of neem wood, it also has antibacterial properties which is great for cutting up meats and is 100% food-safe ingredient! Perfect for any occasion, this board adds a stylish touch to your kitchen!


Organic Handmade Neem Wood Serving Spoon

Serve your salads or saute your veggies with these neem wood serving spoons! Use these for any function or occasion to spice up your kitchen decor. Made in India, 805 female artisans work in micro-enterprises that carefully craft each product. By supporting Bit Of Meraki, you are supporting those women in these small businesses and helping them earn a fair wage. 


Organic Curves’ Handmade Wood Leaf Shaped Serving Platter

Use these beautifully handcrafted wood leaf shaped serving platters to add that touch of elegance in your dining area! These will leave your guests in awe with the unique variation to each platter. Made in India, with each purchase you are supporting local artisans and helping fund clean water projects in developing countries!


Organic Cotton & Beeswax - Food Wraps

From Goods That Matter, these beeswax food wraps are perfect for any leftovers after hosting! These are the perfect send offs for your guests so no guest leaves without a piece of the occasion. The natural anti-fungal and antiviral properties keeps any food preserved! With purchase, 10% of proceeds are donated to World Central Kitchen!


Organic Curves’ Hand Screen Printed 100% Cotton Multi Color Apron

This 100% cotton apron is the perfect hosting attire! Each apron is hand crafted which offers a unique variation to each apron so not one is alike. Made in India, a small group of artisans dedicated to develop beautiful products. Proceeds are donated to help fund clean water projects in developing countries! 


No. 0324 Aging Spirits Candle

This sultry, spicy, and intoxicating candle is essential for all your hosting needs. It’s the definition of inviting as it’s natural properties create the perfect ambiance for the kitchen! It’s made of plant based wax, essential oils and fragrance, and placed in a ceramic jar. It’s the perfect candle for any fall/winter hosting! 


Organic Handmade Screen Printed 100% Cotton Kitchen Towel -Set of 2-

Say hello to the perfect kitchen towel set to liven up your decor! This 100% cotton towel set is perfect for any mess made as you are hosting. With the natural print, these towels won’t go unseen by your guests! Each purchase you are supporting the fund for clean water in developing countries and helping the small artisans who create these gorgeous products!


Everyday Cloth Napkins -Desert Sun

Do you want to add some sophistication to your dining table? These cloth napkins from Ableworth are the perfect statement pieces for your dining table! With the sunset hem line and chambray texture, you can’t go wrong showcasing these luxuriously soft napkins. 


You can find all these products on Verte Mode so you are ready for your upcoming fun, festive, and green gatherings! Take note of all the artisan goods we have and show off to your friends and family the amazing quality each product has. Choosing Verte Mode is choosing to live sustainably and supporting those small businesses that put care into their crafts and dedicate their lives to minimize carbon footprints with less mass production. As we enter the hosting season with all the holidays coming up, remember to shop sustainably because it ultimately does make a difference and increases longevity of the product! 

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