Set the Table Sustainably: Explore Eco-Friendly Placemats, Tablecloths And Runners | Verte Mode

Set the Table Sustainably: Explore Eco-Friendly Placemats, Tablecloths And Runners | Verte Mode

There’s something quite special about dining rooms - whether they’re the backdrop for a lively dinner party or the peaceful setting for family meals after a long day. Dining spaces are the perfect space to gather, create memories, nurture connections, and celebrate one another. Its undeniable dining rooms hold a significant meaning in homes, which is why we’re here to guide you in elevating these spaces with eco-friendly table sets. Verte Mode is here to transform your dining room into a welcoming environment in a stylish and eco-friendly way. 

Your Eco-Friendly Guide For An Elevated Dining Space:

Ableworth Takeout Cloth Napkins - Juicy Red

Fruity? Refreshing? The Ableworth Juicy Red Napkins are wrapped in a high contrast tropical turquoise bringing a bit of childhood fun to your table. Made of organic cotton, machine washable, and ultra-absorbent, these are perfect for any picnic or family outing. 

Ableworth Everyday Cloth Napkins - Tropical Punch

Add an extra pop of color to your table setting and make everyday meals fun again with the Ableworth Tropical Punch napkins. These napkins offer superior absorbency, luxuriously soft texture and remarkable durability. 

Neepa Hut Inabel Placemat Handcrafted Mat - Ocean Blue

Bring a sense of serenity onto your tabletops with these forest green placemats. Each piece is woven on a handloom and customarily made of Inabel fabric; which is uniquely prepared by turning cotton fiber into spools of beeswax-brushed yarn. 



Busy Bees Candle Company 4" Pillar Candle

Create an ambiance with a designer touch in any room with the Busy Bees 100% pure Beeswax pillar candles. These candle pillars are so versatile, making a statement on their own or grouped for simple sophistication. 

Neepa Hut Handwoven Round Tray I All Natural

This simplistic yet delightful tray is perfect for both everyday and celebratory use. The handwoven tray can be used as a fruit or bread basket, or as a tray to serve drinks and snacks. Made using seagrass, brings a sense of nature to your home.

Darzah The Black And White Napkin Rings

The Tatreez Napkin Rings turn any plain, old place setting into a chic dining experience for you and your guests. Ethically handmade from upcycled and by-product materials, these rings are the extra touch needed to complete your table setting.     


By embracing sustainable table sets, you’re not only revamping the aesthetic of your dining room but also making a statement about your values. Verte Mode understands how important these spaces are in your home and are committed to providing tips and resources that help elevate your home in a stylish and eco-friendly way. From cloth napkins, to placements, or centerpiece items, we offer an abundance of choices to help you personalize your home. If you want to continue the journey of thoughtful living and to learn more about the positive impact you can make for the planet, Verte Magazine has got you covered! 

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