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Whether you're a beginner or seasoned cook, the journey of nourishing your body begins in the kitchen! The fun part? Letting your creativity run wild as you whip up delicious dishes. Just imagine your kitchen being not only a space to nurture your appetite with delicious meals but also showcase your dedication to a more sustainable lifestyle. Verte Mode has got you covered with all your eco-friendly kitchen essentials, transforming your space into an epicenter of both nourishment and environmental mindfulness. 

1. Ethical Handmade Blue Sea Tatreez Half Apron – Verte Mode

The Tatreez Apron is your next favorite kitchen accessory. The apron is the ideal kitchen companion that will add style to any cooking routine. Crafted and stitched with care by our women artisans from the West Bank, each creation is 100% handmade. We also use locally sourced materials in our products to create pieces that are truly authentic and Palestinian-made. 

2. Organic Cotton Reusable Towel Roll Set – Verte Mode

Includes 25 super absorbent fabric towels that can be washed and re-used over and over again! Designed to easily swap out with a roll of single-use paper towels, The Reusable Towel Roll features an innovative elastic strap that holds towels in place and a sturdy reusable inner tube for easy dispensing.

3. Reusable Trash Can Liners Set – Verte Mode

Eliminate single-use plastic with our reusable trash can liners set. They are BPA free, and non-chlorinated. Each reusable liner can eliminate up to 500 single-use plastic film bags from entering our waste stream and oceans. Reduce personal cost by 70% over repurchasing single-use trash bags. The reusable liners are double seam sealed, with extra thick side walls that repel both odor and icky stuff! Equipped with a handy drawstring to hold the bags in place.

4. Organic Cotton & Beeswax - Food Wraps – Verte Mode

Our Beeswax Food Wraps are the eco-friendly replacement for plastic wrap: help to protect the environment + they keep your food fresh longer. The natural anti-fungal and antiviral properties of beeswax keep your veggies, cheeses, bread, snacks, etc. fresher much longer - win, win! Love the wildlife/nature-inspired prints in this set. 10% of proceeds are donated to World Central Kitchen, who provides dignity and warm, nutritious meals to survivors of disasters. 

5. Organic Handmade Screen-Printed 100% Cotton Kitchen Towel - Set of 2 – Verte Mode

There is no place for dull old ragged towels and wipes in your gorgeous kitchen! Here's our stylish 100% cotton handmade kitchen towel set with the natural print that everyone loves, featuring an amazing combination of colors and shapes that adds a natural touch to your kitchen. Each size comes with a loop on one side, so you can hang it anywhere in your kitchen.

6. Organic Handmade Crochet 100% Jute Kitchen Hanging Basket- Set of 2 – Verte Mode

Our Crochet Jute hanging baskets are an excellent solution to your needs. They are durable and eco-friendly. These baskets made of natural jute are wear-resistant and will last longer. Their wide space and high load-bearing property make them a perfect option for any kind of storage. They can be swapped around based on their purpose. Hang them in your kitchen for storing fruits and vegetables, for towels and napkins, for spices, tea, and cookies.

Up your eco dish washing game with our 100% Wool Dish Sponges, 10% of proceeds are donated to The Wetland Initiative who work in restoring wetlands across the nation both independently and in partnership with innovative groups. Wetlands are nature's sponge and our wool sponges are an all-natural option for your kitchen. Wool is naturally antimicrobial, perfect for a sponge and it doesn't shed microplastics onto your dishes and down the drain as plastic-based sponges do. Wool sponges are gentle on your dishes and the environment.


8. Organic Hand Carved Neem Wood Serving Spoons Set of 2 – Verte Mode

Rooted in tradition, this set of hand carved salad spoons is perfect for adding that old-school charm to your kitchen. With its unique shape, the neem wood salad serving spoon makes a statement. Use it with any of our wooden serve ware to complete the look. These are versatile enough to fit with any other platter as well. The antibacterial properties of neem wood make it a great blood purifier and a 100% food-safe ingredient.
This chopping board cum platter works perfectly for cutting and serving snacks and nibbles in your kitchen. Its stylish look will add an instant rustic touch to your kitchen and dinnerware. The antibacterial properties of neem wood make it a great blood purifier and a 100% food-safe ingredient. Designed ergonomically for daily use, our serve ware complements all tableware.
The fun and hygienic way to wrap your bowls and keep them in the fridge is with this hand-printed circular fabric dish cover set. It's an ideal reusable alternative to single-use plastic cling wrap and zip lock bags. It comes in a set of two different sizes and the elastic on the outer is stretchy enough to meet the requirements of bowls, cans, etc. It is an easy way to keep your food fresh while enjoying outdoor seating, picnics, etc.


Taking a step towards an eco-friendly life is as easy as adding sustainable kitchen products to your daily routine. Every apron, kitchen gadget, and reusable food wrap you use sends a message about your dedication to a healthier planet. With Verte Mode, you're not just getting life's essentials; you're gaining insights and tips to truly live green.

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