5 Tips to Kickstart Your Zero-Waste Lifestyle This Year | Verte Mode

5 Tips to Kickstart Your Zero-Waste Lifestyle This Year | Verte Mode

New year, new me can be relevant to many aspects of our lives. Whether it's to jumpstart a new workout regime or cutting out toxic habits, we all are pretty familiar with them. When it comes to a more earth conscious lifestyle, there are questions that arise. The idea can feel complex and overwhelming. By starting off with a minuscule arrangement of tips, you and the people in your life can live a zero-waste lifestyle! No matter if you are wanting to change your clothing, beauty, homeware, or anything in between, Verte Mode has made a list of top tips to assist in leading you in the right direction this new year. Complication aside. 

Top Tips

The most important tip to start off with is to use up what you already own. It can be so easy to see what isn’t sustainable and eco-friendly in your home and toss those items right out. By doing this you are counteracting the zero-waste method. Start by finishing off the various products in your home. This could be beauty, household, or wellness products. Doing this allows you to get a head start in the correct direction when it comes to your zero-waste lifestyle journey. Not to mention, it’s also budget friendly!

After your products are completed or you are starting off with a fresh slate, you are ready for the following tips. This next one is going to require you to take a look into your spaces within your residence. Go to your bathroom, bedroom, living rooms, and dining rooms. Inspect your products within these spaces and figure out what takes up a generous amount of space. As an example, in the bathroom, your one-liter shampoo bottle can be replaced by a shampoo bar. While these products can be great for your hair, the plastic components of these bottles make for not only clutter and expense but are wasteful. Each month or so, you are tossing out a liter bottle. Then going off to purchase the same one. By opting for a shampoo and conditioner bar, you are doing a major part in the zero-waste lifestyle. Other items that are not zero-waste friendly include loofahs, plastic toothbrushes, and tubes of toothpaste. This is an amazing step for those who are new in the zero-waste realm. 

In conjunction with the last tip, invest in glass components in your home. Items in your kitchen such as glass containers are a great way of eliminating plastic bottles from your home. Not to mention that they also look more aesthetic and have a longer shelf life than plastic. Brands Verte Mode loves include Blue Heron Botanicals and Live Like You Green It. When going to purchase produce, attend farmers markets and local events that sell grocery goods. Not only will you be shopping locally and cycling money back into the communities you care most about, you also will not be including plastic wrap like you would if purchased at a grocery store. Invest in cloth produce or reusable bags that are commonly found at your favorite retailers. If you find yourself not able to purchase local produce, look for packaging that is biodegradable. Retailers such as Whole Foods and Trader Joes are great examples that dabble into this way of food packaging.

Blue Heron Botanicals- Vegan Lip Therapy


Green up your closet and living spaces. Look into brands and clothing companies that invest in sustainable fashion or hit up your local thrift stores. By doing this not only will you find unique pieces not able to be found elsewhere, but you will also receive a fraction of the price. Look up top reviewed thrift stores or secondhand stores. Drop off your items, aside from clothing this may include houseware goods. Then do not be afraid to shop. You will be doing your part in maintaining a waste free lifestyle. Most of the time the clothing that you are not giving to a loved one or donating will unfortunately end up in landfills or be incinerated. Then, you will go and purchase newer and more relevant clothing, repeating this cycle of wastefulness. There are plentiful stores that have dedicated their brand to allowing their consumers to shop recycled goods. As for sustainable clothing, brands we love such as The Simple Folk, Lafemmeapero, Dooeys, and Paneros. These top brands have created quality pieces composed of organic and sustainable materials to last you years.Verte Modes Trending List is a great way to view not only our favorites, but the favorites of our consumers!

Zerobarracento- EBI Midi Vest

Paneros- Claudia Bodysuit in Cloud

In the day and age of social media, bloggers and influencers across various platforms on the internet dedicate their online persona to the zero-waste lifestyle. The online presences can give amazing insight to those looking to start a life that is earth conscious. Online blogs include Eco Watch, Sustainable Jungle, and Treading My Own Path. Also, Verte Modes Sustainably Speaking Podcast with founder Aalia Mauro where you can get amazing insight on everything sustainable in all aspects of life.

Going back to the point of social media apps, influencers such as Delilah Isabel, Brennan Kai, and Clean Living by Avery are great to follow. These influencers hyper fix on one aspect of life that may include beauty, fashion, wellness, and lifestyle. It’s all about finding which one you most resonate with. Not to mention, you will also connect with those from all over the globe who also have a passion for sustainable living. A win!

We know that difficulty may arise as a result of switching to a zero-waste lifestyle. With these simple tips, you can start your 2024 journey the right way!

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