Conscious Shopping: Ditching Amazon For Sustainable Holiday Alternatives | Verte Mode

Conscious Shopping: Ditching Amazon For Sustainable Holiday Alternatives | Verte Mode

As the leading online marketplace, Amazon has garnered great popularity due to its vast array of products and convenient shipping services. While it has become a go-to for many shoppers, the environmental concerns are plentiful. Despite the affordability of many Amazon products, ecological footprint raises valid concerns. Thankfully, Verte Mode has set out to feature sustainable alternatives to some of Amazon’s most popular products. From fashion, footwear, and home goods, Verte Mode is committed to sharing eco-friendly brands that don’t compromise quality or style. As you continue your holiday shopping, consider supporting sustainable brands and products!


Neepa Hut - Rattan Handwoven Storage Organizer Basket

These intricately crafted baskets add a unique natural element to your home. Use them as a beautiful storage or artisanal houseplant holder. Handmade using small strips of rattan, they’re a treasure to keep.


Seaav Athletics - Recycled Poly Mesh Sports Bra

SEAAV's Mesh Sports Bra Top is both functional and fashionable. Not to mention, ultra luxe to work and play in! Features a unique cris cross back, mesh detailing, and pockets for optional, removable cups. This bra-top also has a built-in shelf bra for added support and coverage!


Ocean Prairie Sundrop Slip Dress - Orange Poppy

The Prairie Sundrop Slip dress is a midi-length slip dress that is made to accentuate a woman's natural shape. The fabric is cut on a bias, cut at a 45-degree angle allowing the dress to effortlessly drape the body, enhancing curves in a flattering, feminine design.


HYER GOODS - Chain Clutch Choco Lizard

Celebrate sustainably with this geometric textured clutch made from eco leather. It easily converts to a shoulder bag with its removable chain strap for maximum versatility.


Amour Linen - Linen Tote Bag

A casual, minimalist linen tote bag, available in 13 colours (see our colour palette). A perfect bag for shopping, day-to-day errands or even the beach. You can easily fold it and carry it in your bag to always be eco-friendly and not use plastic bags.


Wellthy - Ball & Chain Threaders

Weave effortless style into your ensemble with the Ball & Chain Threaders! This lightweight, comfortable design strikes a perfect balance between chic & edgy: wear them through one, two, or even three piercings for unique looks. Always handcrafted with hypoallergenic metals, they are also suitable for sensitive ears.


Harper The Label - Loop Bag

Elevate your style effortlessly, whether dressing up or embracing the everyday with our versatile half-moon-shaped accessory. This soft and chic piece offers multiple styling options – wear it tied or across the body for a dynamic look.


Amour Linen - Rosy Brown Linen Bedding Set

A duvet cover with matching pillowcases, available in a selection of sizes to choose from. The bedding is made from high-quality certified linen material, absent from harmful chemicals. It is a vegan material as it is plant-based, so while you get a stylish bed cover, sleep comfortably, you are also being environmentally friendly.


Amour Linen - Waffle Pillowcase 

Every detail is for the purpose of your comfort and best sleep quality you can imagine. Linen fabric itself ensures a wonderful experience with its highly absorbent and hypoallergenic qualities, but the personal touch and attention to detail will encourage you to pause and appreciate the joyful little things that life is made of.


Amour Linen - Double-Oven Mitt

Choose our durable zero-waste linen double oven mitts made from linen scraps in order to minimize fabric waste. With heat-resistant padding. Very practical and a great addition to your kitchen!
 Made to protect your hands from the heat while holding hot dishes or baking trays. Perfect as a gift for someone who loves to bake!


Organic Handmade Crochet 100% Jute Kitchen Hanging Basket- Set Of 2

The Crochet Jute hanging baskets are an excellent solution to your needs. They are durable and eco-friendly. These baskets made of natural jute are wear-resistant and will last longer.


Amour Linen - Jade Linen Apron Dress

Apron style linen dress with coconut buttons at the front and two pockets. Style it with a white shirt for a smart look or wear it in summer with your swimming costume! Choose from 13 colors and 6 sizes.


Amour Linen - Waffle Wash Cloths (Set Of 3) 

Choose our durable and super soft linen & cotton blend wash cloths. Perfect for every kitchen in a practical size! You may also use it as a face wash cloth as it is soft and absorbent.


Topfoxx - Kat X Money Moves Sunglasses - Black Cateye Sunglasses

In collaboration with beauty and lifestyle influencer Kat Fairchild. This collection embodies the drive to take action, to think big, set goals and make better decisions In order to attract abundance into your life.


Fluff Ewes "Bag Of Marbles" DYE FREE Natural Wool Dryer Balls, Set Of 3

Ditch the disposable dryer sheets for Fluff Ewes "Bag of Marbles" dryer balls! This chic set of dryer balls is 100% dye-free. The natural wool colors are used and marbleized them into a beautiful neutral palette.


Topfoxx - Sparkle In Your Eyes Sunglasses - Pink

Where modern glam meets sustainability! Sleek rectangular frames bedazzled on top with white crystal rhinestones.


Orchid + Ash BOHEMIAN Ritual Spray

Taking traditional room + linen spray one step further, our Ritual Spray invites you to turn your every day moments into your most looked-forward to, sacred rituals.


Nicely Natural Deodorant Mixed Set - Lemon Tangerine Cardamom & Unscented

A natural deodorant that actually works. 24-hour protection with seven active ingredients to absorb moisture and neutralize odor-causing bacteria, including two forms of magnesium. Safe, gentle, and effective.


HYER GOODS - Camera Bag Black Croc 

This recycled-leather camera bag is as convenient as it is cool. The perfect black mini bag, the main compartment fits your wallet, hand sanitizer, keys, gloss and sunglasses, but if you want to leave your wallet behind, there's a sneaky built-in card wallet, so go for it! Your phone conveniently slides into the exterior pocket for easy access.


Cariuma Salvas White LWG Leather/Black Sustainable Sneaker - Men's

Handcrafted with leather from LWG Gold-Rated suppliers, SALVAS is a timeless sneaker designed to look and feel even better with age.


Easy Sundays - Sustainable AtPeace Hoodie - Midnight

The hoodie you'll never want to take off with fabric so soft your skin will thank us. The perfect staple with breathable fleece fabric on the inside, and buttery soft fabric on the outside.

As you continue checking off your shopping list this holiday season, we hope you’re encouraged and inspired to shop sustainably. As tempting as Amazon may appear, let’s redirect our focus towards alternatives that align with eco-friendly values.  

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