Eco-Friendly Living: A Kickstart Guide For Sustainability Beginners | Verte Mode

Eco-Friendly Living: A Kickstart Guide For Sustainability Beginners | Verte Mode

When you think of sustainable living, what comes to mind? Is it opting for reusable bags instead of plastic, supporting local farmers markets versus shopping at grocery stores, or opting for public transportation services to head to work. Sustainable living is more than a buzzword, it’s a mindset, a way of living that considers the long-term well-being of our environment, society, and economy. Whether you're a sustainable pro or a beginner, this guide is tailored for those eager to embrace sustainability. Together, we’ll navigate the fundamentals, explore the small changes, offer eco-friendly tips, and share some of our favorite sustainable products

Why Choose Sustainable Living

With climate change, the rise in greenhouse emissions, and plastic pollution becoming increasingly worse, adopting sustainable practices is as crucial as ever. Sustainable actions help make a significant difference in society and minimize the negative impact our lifestyle has on the planet which in turn, benefits the environment.

3 Tips To Start Your Sustainable Journey

Tip #1: Research Eco-Friendly Practices

Leverage the vast resources available on the internet and through social media. Identify those that resonate with your lifestyle and values.

Tip #2: Set Sustainable Goals

After researching eco-friendly practices and products, evaluate where you can fit these in your life. Set clear and achievable sustainability goals that align with your values and priorities.  

Tip #3: Start Small

Gentle reminder that sustainable living doesn’t have to be an all or nothing commitment. Whether it’s one simple change or ten, the most important part is that you're dedicated to incorporating eco-friendly practices into your daily routine.

Verte Mode Best-Selling Sustainable Products


Reusable Produce Bulk Bag Set

Bagito - Reusable Produce / Bulk Bags Set

Reusable produce / bulk bags set is a 4-pack of premium bag, made out of 100% recycled plastic rPet fabric and mesh. BPA free and tested food safe, these bags help extend the shelf-life of fruits and veggies. 


Reusable Stainless Steel Straws

SWZLE - Reusable Stainless Steel Straws

Each SWZLE pack contains two reusable silver/bent stainless steel straws and a cleaning brush inside a sleek case that you won't find anywhere else. 


Reusable Grocery Cart Hang Bags

Bagito - Reusable Grocery Cart Hang Bags 

The Reusable Grocery Cart Hang Bags are durable with a semi-rigid bottom, but fold down for easy storage. Side pocket for small items and top closure strap to keep groceries secure. 


Reusable Beeswax Sandwich Bags

Kiki Organics - Reusable Beeswax Sandwich Bag

Make your kitchen eco-friendly with these 100% organic beeswax food bags. 


Reusable Food Storage Bags

Bagito - Reusable Food Storage Bags 

These reusable food storage bags are made from our 100% PEVA material – BPA free, non-chlorinated and tested food safe.


Detox Lapis Shampoo Stone

Conscia - Detox Lapis Shampoo

Removes toxins, pollutants and excess sebum to deeply cleanse your hair and revitalize your scalp. Activated charcoal acts as a magnet for impurities and rinses them away, leaving hair deeply cleansed and bouncier.   


Recycled Steel Bottle

A Good Company - Recycled Steel Bottle

A Good Bottle keeps your drinks at the perfect temperature. Whether on a chilly mountain top or soaking up some rays at the beach, it will never let you down. 


3-in-1 home cleaning powder

Circular Bodie - Home Cleaning Powder

A powerful 3-in-1 natural cleaner in powder form, 100% organic. Sprinkle on top of the laundry load or use a dishwashing machine soap container.


Organic Neem Wood Chopping Board and Platter

Bit Of Meraki - Organic Handmade Neem Wood Chopping Board/Platter 

This chopping board cum platter works perfectly for cutting and serving snacks and nibbles in your kitchen. Its stylish look will add an instant rustic touch to your kitchen and dinnerware.


Reusable Bamboo Cutlery Travel Set

Bagito - Reusable Bamboo Cutlery Travel Set

A premium bamboo cutlery travel set made is from 100% natural and non-coated bamboo. 


As you consider adding sustainable living practices of your own, know that the long-term impact is significant and your contribution is one step towards a greener, healthier planet. Verte Mode is a great resource for anyone on their sustainable journey. 

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