Green Your Autumn: 5 Eco-Friendly Fall Tips For Enjoying The Fall Outdoors | Verte Mode

Green Your Autumn: 5 Eco-Friendly Fall Tips For Enjoying The Fall Outdoors | Verte Mode

There’s no better time to experience the outdoors than in fall. The cool weather and visually appealing fall colors are all the reasons to invite your group of friends or family members and embrace all the fun mother nature has to offer. Our connection to nature should be accompanied by a strong commitment to preserving and protecting the environment. Here, we’ll explore five eco-friendly tips to help you enjoy the outdoors without harming the environment. Count Verte Mode as your eco-friendly guide on how to make the most of this fall and the endless activities there are to explore! 

5 Outdoor Eco-Friendly Fall Tips

1. Leave No Trace

The ‘leave no trace’ principle is simple yet effective. It includes picking up after yourself, staying on designated trails, and respecting the wildlife and vegetation nearby.

2. Choose Reusable Gear

Investing in reusable outdoor gear like utensils, water bottles, and containers helps reduce single-use plastic. 

3. Minimize Campfire Impact

If you’re camping, consider opting for a camp stove for cooking instead of making open fires.

4. Clean Up After Your Pets

Furry friends are always welcome to the outdoor festivities. If you bring pets, ensure you clean up after them. 

5. Opt For Sustainable Transportation 

If you live in a big city, try exploring public transportation, carpool to work, bike to the park, or walk to your outdoor destination to reduce your carbon footprint. 

Verte Mode Outdoor Must-Haves

Bagito - Reusable Bamboo Cutlery Travel Set

A premium bamboo cutlery travel set made from 100% natural and non-coated bamboo.


Bagito - Deluxe Grande Reusable Bag

This reusable shopping bag is made from 100% recycled plastic and sewn with double stitching for ultimate durability. This large capacity bag can carry big items and heavy loads, and it still fits in your pocket!  


FLÎKR FIRE - Round Personal Fireplace

No need for outdoor camping when you have one of these. But if you enjoy sleeping under the stars; this portable mini fireplace might just be what you need.  


Bagito - Organic Cotton Reusable Towel Roll Set

Designed to easily swap out with a roll of single-use paper towels, The Bagito Reusable Towel Roll features an innovative elastic strap that holds towels in place and a sturdy reusable inner tube for easy dispensing. 


Hustle & Blush - Mudrist (Wisdom) Wool Statement Bed Blanket 

This blanket would look great on an outdoor patio, laid out on a camping trip (as you gaze up at the stars...) or nestled across your bed at home.


Verte Mode - Smart Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

The Smart Self-Cleaning Water Bottle - 16oz provides a full day of hydration with a temperature display and hydration reminder. 


Awoo - Pet Bag Holder

Made with smooth, durable silicone, the lightweight profile is the perfect home for poo bags.  This holder fits one standard-size waste bag roll and is dishwasher safe.  



A Better Beanie is soft, yet structured, warm yet comfortable, a durable, cozy staple you'll wear for a long, long time. Made with high quality, deadstock Italian yarns. 


Goods That Matter - Organic Cotton & Beeswax - Food Wraps - Songbirds & Cacti

The eco-friendly replacement for plastic wrap: help to protect the environment + they keep your food fresh longer. The natural anti-fungal and antiviral properties of beeswax keep your veggies, cheeses, bread, snacks, etc. fresher much longer 


Day Owl - The Backpack 

Minimal on the outside, functional on the inside, sustainable all around. The Day Owl backpack is designed to carry you through your day, wherever it may take you. P.S - Browse more backpack and tote options in our recent editor!

As you step outside to embrace the beauty of Fall, lean into eco-friendly practices and protect the earth we have the privilege of exploring. Together we can cherish the beauty of the season while nurturing our planet. The outdoor essentials we’ve selected are designed to enhance your experience while minimizng environmental impact. Stay tuned for more eco-friendly tips and sustainable products as we head into the magic that is the holiday season. Together, we can make every season an opportunity to nurture our world. 

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