Luxury Gifting: Sustainable Fashion Pieces for that Special Someone | Verte Mode

Luxury Gifting: Sustainable Fashion Pieces for that Special Someone | Verte Mode

With the holidays just around the corner - the pressure to find the perfect gift for that special someone grows. The goal every year, or perhaps for the first time this year, is to show him or her what they really mean to you in a way that exemplifies how much you care. Buying a gift never felt like such a big deal, and yet we go through it every year. Do you go sentimental? Do you opt for a weightier price tag? Do you get something they’ll be able to use every day or something for special nights out? There’s so much to consider. While you may be struggling to nail down how much to spend, we have a solution for every price range.

For shoppers on a budget, check out our list of gifts under $50. Sustainable can still be affordable; that much we know for sure. But if you’re looking for something a little more high-end, this list is for you. This is where eco-conscious meets style, sustainability meets luxury. Whether you’re buying for a new love, an old love, or something in-between, here are ten sustainable and eco-friendly luxury fashion pieces to consider this holiday season for the special person in your life.


Quill Fine Jewelry - Arc CZ Necklace


Luxury Necklace


This Arc CZ Necklace is the perfect gift for those dressier nights out. Accented with CZ stones and made of 14k gold vermeil, it adds a touch of elegance to any outfit. She’ll love it.



Harper The Label - Loop Bag


Black Loop Bag


Simple and sophisticated, the loop bag works for a night out with friends or a day running errands. Crafted with chrome free leather, it boasts a smooth and buttery finish and is available in black, natural, saddle, and walnut.



Voz - Linen Spiral Skirt


black maxi skirt


If there’s anything fashion has taught us, it’s the versatility of the skirt. It can make any t-shirt pop or give any blouse an air of delicate beauty. This linen spiral skirt creates an effortless silhouette that flares and folds in black or taupe. Get her something she can wear with confidence.



Darzah Tatreez - Ankle Boot


leather boots


Made out of up-cycled and byproduct materials, this eco-friendly piece is sure to make a statement. These shoes are ethically made by artists in Palestine using the traditional Tatreez pattern.



MHART - Handmade Triangle Pave Raw Diamond Earrings


Triangle Diamond Earrings


These handmade triangle pave raw diamond earrings are handcrafted with an eco-conscious goal in mind. For every purchase, one tree will be planted or one piece of plastic will be removed from the ocean. Beyond being an eco-friendly gift, they’re also a stunning piece to accent her outfit.



Laura Elizabeth - Ariana Textured Cuff Bracelet


Cuff Bracelet


Give a handshake that will be remembered or get to party with a bling, whatever is the occasion, this beautiful cuff fits perfectly and finalize your look.



Allégorie - Black Gala Bifold Wallet


Vegan Leather Wallet


Why not get him something he can use every day that’s both stylish and eco-friendly? Made with apple peel and plant-based materials, this wallet comes in the perfect size for wherever you need to tuck it away.



Cariuma - Salvas White LWG Leather / Ice Sustainable Sneaker


Sustainable White Leather Sneakers


These shoes bring a touch of flair to any outfit. He’ll love the versatility they bring, from going to the gym to business casual meetings.



MHART - Handmade Pearl Coin Necklace


unisex necklace


This unisex necklace is a great gift for him or her. Handmade with fresh water pearls and sterling silver, this piece is sure to be a stellar surprise this holiday.



Amour Linen - Magnus Oversized Linen Shirt


Men's Linen Shirt


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