Paw-sitively Green: Discover Eco-Friendly Pet Treats and Accessories | Verte Mode

Paw-sitively Green: Discover Eco-Friendly Pet Treats and Accessories | Verte Mode

As pet lovers, we cherish every moment with our furry friends - whether it’s taking them on a walk or cuddling with them on a couch, pets embody companionship and play an important role in our lives. For many pet owners the ability to provide our pets with the best care possible is really important. That’s where eco-friendly pet treats and accessories come into play. As important as it is to make conscious choices for the safety of ourselves and the planet, our pets also deserve the same level of care. Luckily Verte Mode has compiled a guide of pawsitive pet pampering treats and accessories that prioritize your pet in a greener and more thoughtful way.

Eco-Friendly Treats and Accessories For Happy Pets:

Awoo Pet Essentials - Splash Mats

Keep your floor clean and safe with the Awoo Splash Mats. Made from BPA and PVC free silicone, the mat’s non-slip surface provides a secure, hygienic surface for mealtime and beyond. 


Awoo Pet Essentials - Pack Collar

Like all good pups, this collar is a blend of the best qualities. The perfect collar that combines the gentle control and no-slip security of a tension collar with the easy  on-and-off of a fast-release buckle. Did we mention the color options are just too adorable. 


Ora's Amazing Herbal - Pet Salve

Did you know our furry friends deal with dry skin just like us humans? Similar to a moisturizer, Ora’s Pet Salve is an antifungal, antimicrobial protection to help with itchy ears, dry noses, and cracked paws. 



Awoo Pet Essentials - Infinity Leash

The Infinity Leash is designed to be stylish and earth friendly! We are big fans of the versatility this leash features including, long leash, short leash, double leash, collar/leash combo, hands-free or waist leash. The durability this leash holds keeps your pet safe and secure.


Awoo Pet Essentials - Fetch! AirTag Holder

Securely attach your AirTag to any collar or harness with the Fetch AirTag holder. Made from durable and scratch-resistant silicone for the ideal protection, this holder easily slides onto collars and harnesses.

Awoo Pet Essentials - Roam Harness

Designed for comfort and control no matter where you roam with your pet, the Roam Harness is an essential. Made from recycled polyester tubular weave webbing strap, add this eco-friendly to your pet’s life and make the journey more enjoyable for everyone.


Awoo Pet Essentials - Dog History 101 Blanket

Reach a dog-like level of zen and relaxation with this tapestry throw blanket. Woven with cotton and recycled yarns, this blanket is perfect to drape on the bed, hang on the wall, or snuggle with your furry friend.


Awoo Pet Essentials - Archie Felt Toy

Did you know felt toys are perfect for every type of biter and chewer. Handcrafted and beautifully made to keep your pup’s teeth clean; whether that be chewing tossing or tugging, keep you pup entertained with the Archie Felt Toy.


Awoo Pet Essentials - Bag Holder

Made with smooth, durable silicone, the lightweight profile is the perfect poo bag holder. Attach it conveniently to your pet’s leash, a handbag, or your own belt, the Awoo Bag Holder makes cleaning up after your pet a breeze.


Resew House Furry Sherpa Dog Jacket

What’s cuter than seeing a pup in a sherpa jacket? Resew House makes the most adorable, soft jackets that are perfect for the upcoming chilly seasons. Designed and uniquely fit to flatter every size, the Furry Sherpa Dog Jacket makes it easy to keep your dog stylish and warm.


Awoo Pet Essentials - Safety Strap

Safety for your pet is most important which is why Awoo Safety Straps feature a two-point connection that will give even the most advanced escape artist a challenge. Made with recycled polyester, this safety strap pairs perfect with any harness, collar, or leash.


Awoo Pet Essentials - Let Sleeping Dogs Lie Blanket

Created for dogs and dog lovers alike, this blanket is inspired by our favorites four-legged friends. Made from cotton and recycled yarns, you and your best fur friend will be sure to love this cozy blanket.

We encourage you to incorporate eco-friendly pet treats and accessories into your furry friend’s life as it's not only beneficial for them but also better for the planet. These eco-friendly choices are high-quality products that are made with your pet’s safety and health in mind which makes us pet parents feel at ease. At Verte Mode, we’re constantly sharing eco-friendly products such as pet treats and accessories that ensure your furry companions thrive in a world that’s pawsitively greener.

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