Sustainable Fashion Trends For 2024 | Verte Mode

Sustainable Fashion Trends For 2024 | Verte Mode

The New Year is mere days away and everyone is plotting out what their 2023 is going to look like, clothing and all. With that comes new and continued fashion trends on the horizon. Whether pushed by brands or ideas that have piqued the interest of the general public, these are just some of the trends that we hope to see in the upcoming year.

Eco-friendly Fabrics

Organic cotton, hemp, and silk are some examples of the eco-friendly fabrics sustainable brands will continue to prioritize as options for clothing and other items, as they’re the best for the planet. There is no shortage of possibilities to go eco-friendly when it comes to fabric, so try to seek out things like organic cotton on your clothing labels.


A bit of research shows fashion brands are bringing upcycling into practice this upcoming year, taking unwanted material and turning it into something new. Upcycling is a great way to reuse material that otherwise would have been scrapped. Why not also add some upcycled pieces to your wardrobe?


There is no shortage of clothing you can find at a thrift store. They’re a place that gives clothing a second chance at life-- and in recent years, thrifting has grown in popularity. It’s one of the best ways to revamp your wardrobe on a budget. What you might find too boring to keep wearing could be the perfect piece for someone else’s wardrobe, and vice versa. Check it out.

Slow Fashion

Slow fashion will likely be on the rise in 2024, as the general public becomes more conscious of where their clothing comes from. From ethical business practices to fabrics that are eco-friendly, people want to support businesses that stray from the norm of fast fashion.


Want to stay on top of the latest trends without buying into fast fashion? Renting is a solid option and we hope it will pick up traction in the coming year. Renting is beneficial because it allows you to switch up your wardrobe on the regular. You can wear something once and never again and know that you are taking care of the environment.


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