Top Ethical And Sustainable Brands To Watch For In 2024 | Verte Mode

Top Ethical And Sustainable Brands To Watch For In 2024 | Verte Mode

As the New Year approaches, bringing with it promises of resolutions and fresh beginnings, let's collectively embrace intentionality in 2024 by steering towards sustainability, ethics, and mindful consumption. As a sustainable marketplace, Verte Mode is committed to providing sustainable knowledge and sharing pioneering brands that prioritizing both style and responsibility. Join us on a journey to explore the forefront of fashion, accessory, and skincare innovation as we unveil the ethical and sustainable brands predicted to make waves this coming year. These brands exemplify a commitment to a sustainable future that aligns with our values and the well-being of the planet!

Quill Fine Jewelry

As a small business founded by women, Quill Fine Jewelry is committed to ethically made jewelry, sourced from the finest material and down to a fair price for every single piece made.




Quill Fine Jewelry - Gold Chain Daisy Bracelet

Add delicate springtime details to your jewelry ensemble with the gold chain daisy bracelet. Made with hypoallergenic 14-karat gold vermeil for easy everyday wear, the daisy chain bracelet is all about simplicity.



Quill Fine Jewelry - Stardust Opal Stud Earrings

We are nothing but stardust trying to find its way back to the opal. The Stardust Opal Studs are here to make all of your astral aspirations come true. 



Quill Fine Jewelry - Black Enamel Signet Ring

Stand out in the new bold and gold ring. The design features a black square enamel in a 14k gold vermeil signet ring for a retro style. Wear every day to define your signature look.



Quill Fine Jewelry - Asia Opal Stud Earrings

Add delicate details to your jewelry look with the Asia opal stud earrings. Featuring a genuine opal stone and CZ gems, this pseudo climber earring gives the appearance of multiple piercings. 



Conscious Design Studios

Let’s make 2024 fashion simple yet trendy with the CD Studio capsule collection. Conscious Design Studio is a modern clothing brand at the intersection of fashion, culture and sustainable innovation.


Conscious Design - Organic Cotton Fitted Ribbed Polo

Fitted, deep placket with oversized collar. Pair with jeans and heels for a casual night out. 



Conscious Design Studio - Organic Cotton High Waisted Biker Shorts

This biker short is meant to be worn before, during, and after you hit the trail. High waisted with a 4" inseam, it’s versatile enough for low impact workouts and elevated enough to wear out for lunch and errands.



Conscious Design Studio - Organic Cotton Slouchy Sweatshirt

Gear up for the upcoming chilly season with Slouchy Sweatshirt. A good crew neck is hard to come by but this high quality piece ensures you stay warm while looking put together!


Amour Linen

An eco-friendly brand that’s committed to sustainable slow fashion. Amour Linen clothing and bedding is handcrafted with care, using only the finest organic linen fibers that are gentle on the planet and skin. 


Amour Linen - Mustard Linen Pillowcase 

Make your sleep extra special with a super soft linen pillowcase. Made from high-quality linen in mustard color that will give a touch of elegance and minimalism to your room.  



Amour Linen - Hilo Linen Top

Elegant, classy linen top. Sleeveless and with a round neckline. Perfect for every occasion - you can wear it to work, the beach or even a night out!



Amour Linen - Adonis Linen Pants

Classic linen pants with an elastic band and drawstring waist, as well as pockets on the side. Comfortable, easy to pair with any top and perfect for any occasion. 



Amour Linen - Japanese Linen Apron

A minimalist linen apron that will keep your clothes clean and your movements free. The stylish and functional apron is entirely handmade from premium quality linen fabric. 



Day Owl

As sustainable backpack company, Day Owl makes the essential products for your everyday carry. All Day Owl products are built from recycled landfill-bound materials and repair and refurbished to keep them in circulation. 


Day Owl - The Pouch

Designed to organize all of your cables, adapters, and miscellaneous must-haves. Plus, it’s sustainably made from durable, recycled materials that create jobs around the world. 



Day Owl - The Crossbody

The Crossbody keeps your hands free and essentials handy. As durable as it is versatile, you can wear it any way and anywhere. 



Day Owl - Slim Backpack

Minimal on the outside, functional on the inside, sustainable all around. Designed for lighter, leaner days, the Slim Backpack carries just what you need and nothing more.  



Circular Bodies

Circular Bodies was started to make it simple for people to use natural, sustainable products when taking care of our bodies and home. All products are made with minimal ingredients to ensure quality. 


Circular Bodies - Spray Deodorant - Baking Soda Free

A natural deodorant for sensitive skin. Our deodorant prevents body odor without clogging pores. It moisturizes to avoid irritating even the most sensitive skin.   



Circular Bodies Matcha Body Bar - Unscented

The one thing you need in your shower, our 3-in-1 Body bar is a shampoo, face and body soap. It gently cleans, rebalancing scalp’s oils while protecting sensitive skin.




Skin Renewal Tonic


Circular Bodies - Skin Renewal Tonic

Containing naturally astringent properties of witch-hazel, which tighten the skin. It also visibly diminishes dark spots with the help of vitamin C-packed citrus peels. Tea tree helps with skin healing that can aid in the elimination of acne and in the disinfection of superficial wounds. 




Home Cleaning Powder


Circular Bodies - Home Cleaning Powder

A powerful 3-in-1 natural cleaner in powder form, 100% organic. You can use it as: Laundry Detergent (up to 25 loads), Dishwashing Machine (up to 25 loads), Multi purpose cleaner.  

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