A Calming Foot Care For Your Weekend Ritual

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Naturally London Tranquility Calming Foot Soak


Foot baths have been around since the second millennium BC. We have the Grecians to thank for this wonderful ritual that promotes healing using therapeutic water. Many archeologists have confirmed the existence of mineral baths, spas and hot springs in almost every ancient civilization. Now that is a very long time ago and a very faraway place! 

Healing Rituals

How about bringing this healing ritual right in the comforts of our home. It is believed that daily foot soaks help in blood circulation and overall health maintenance. I think it’s time to pay special homage to our feet. The special part of our bodies that is instrumental in taking us from one journey to another. So where do we begin? We can begin with a soaking bucket or foot soaking bin. A plastic bin that you will find in your kitchen will work just fine. A great way to recycle and reuse something that is already readily available. 

Next is to find the perfect foot soak that will do wonders to our tired achy feet while promoting healing qualities. It has been said that Dead Sea salt, Himalayan salt and Epsom salts are key ingredients for foot soaks. We recommend that you try out one of our favorites here at Verte Mode,  Naturally London Tranquility Calming Foot Soak-Verte Mode. It has blends of Dead Sea Salt and Oat Kernel oil. The aromatic combination of Bulgarian Lavender and refreshing spearmint will have your feet relaxing in no time. 

Naturally London Sustainable Foot File

Now that you have done all that soaking, what next? It might be a great idea to buff away those dead skin cells and calluses.  The Naturally London Sustainable Foot File-Verte Mode may just be the answer in eliminating those rough spots.  And for the grand finale to your soothing and calming foot care ritual, Lizush Shea Butter Eucalyptus Foot Cream-Verte Mode is 100% natural and non-GMO. This super moisturizing product will help smoothen those cracked and dry skin plus it's good in keeping our feet silky smooth throughout the year!

We take about 70,000 steps per week, so let’s take a moment to take care of one of our most precious body parts, our feet. As you know, they are always there to take us from one journey to another. So here’s to more wonderful journeys in this lifetime!

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