Sweat Sustainably: Your Guide to Sustainable Gym Essentials | Verte Mode

Sweat Sustainably: Your Guide to Sustainable Gym Essentials | Verte Mode

Fitness plays a significant role in many of our lives, whether we’re dedicated gym goers, avid hot girl walkers, yoga enthusiasts, or pilates fans. Physical activity means more than just striving for a certain type of physique. It’s a form of self-care and an escape from life’s chaos. Believe it or not, sustainability and fitness share common threads. Just as fitness goals demand accountability, adopting eco-friendly choices requires us to hold ourselves and each other accountable. Sustainability, like fitness, is a long-term commitment that we can achieve collectively. At Verte Mode, we’re constantly looking for ways to keep that mission alive which is why we’ve put together some gym essentials to help you achieve your fitness goals while also keeping sustainability at the forefront. Get your gym bags ready as we embark on this eco-friendly fitness journey together.

Terra Thread Aarde Eco friendly Gym Bag – Verte Mode 

The Arade Eco Gym Bag is great for daily outings, outdoor activities, traveling, and more! Sustainably and ethically made with heavy-duty organic cotton canvas, it’s durable and spacious. 

Resew House Women's Gym Shorts – Verte Mode

Gym shorts but make them stylish! The Resew House Gym shorts are made from jersey fabric and are the perfect length. The most comfortable shorts for any work out, hot girl walk, or lounge piece.

LYT UV-C Water Purifying Plastic Bottle - Clear Blue | Verte Mode

Elevate your hydration game with the LYT Water Purifying Plastic Bottle! It’s designed to fit your favorite bottle, and eliminate 99% e.coli in just 3 minutes. Ideal for everyday use at the office, gym, and home. 


Recycled Poly Contrast Sports Bra – Verte Mode

A sports bra that does it all! This sweat-kicking cross-strap bra gives the coverage and support you need for yoga, running, and the gym without restricting your movement. Made from recycled polyester, which reduces emissions, water use, and energy use.  

Kathmandu Sleeveless Tank Top in Jasper Brown – Verte Mode

Your new favorite sporty tank top. This Kathmandu athletic piece is a high neck tank top designed for you to feel comfortable and confident during gym sessions. 


Kathmandu Crop Leggings in Jasper Brown – Verte Mode

These leggings hug your body in all the right places and pair perfectly with the Kathmandu Tank Top! Whether you're headed in for a yoga class or an intense workout, these leggings are there to support you every step of the way. 


Zero-Waste Dissolving Body Wash Sheets – Verte Mode

The Tidalove Body Wash Sheets are a post-gym shower essential. Formulated for all skin types and created to reduce plastic use, these body wash sheets are effective in removing impurities and leave your skin feeling radiant and luminous. 


Zero-Waste Brightening Facial Cleanser Beans | Verte Mode

Ever tried cleanser beans? Well, the Tidalove Facial Cleanser Beans are one of our favorites and definitely a must-try. This 3 in 1 face cleanser helps accelerate cell turnover, improve skin clarity, and texture without over drying. We’re living for the zero-waste packaging as well! 


J&L Naturals Gentle Face and Body Cleanser Bar – Verte Mode

Switch out your bottled face cleanser with J&L Naturals plastic-free Face and Body Cleanser Bar! This creamy, long-lasting cleanser is packed with all the good stuff your body and skin crave. J&L Naturals offers five different cleansers for varying skin types.


Leather AirPod Case Cover + Keychain, Forest Green – Verte Mode

Do you ever get to the gym and realize you forgot your earbuds? We’ve all been there. With the Hyer Goods Leather AirPod Keychain Case, you’ll never lose your AirPods again, featuring 2 key ring length options, this Better Leather beauty is as convenient as she is cute! 

As you continue to work on your fitness goals, we highly encourage you to consider integrating sustainability into your physical routine. Maybe it’s opting for a reusable water bottle or selecting from the wide range of sustainable fitness products we offer. Whatever path you decide, we hope you can join us in embracing an eco-friendly lifestyle, because we all play a part in creating a greener, healthier world.

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