Best Zero-Waste Gift

Best Zero-Waste Gift Ideas For Any Occasion

Giving a gift to a close one is a thoughtful and kind way to show that you care. However, with so many options, a loving gesture can quickly turn into a daunting task.

According to the National Retail Federation, approximately 1 out of 6 items consumers bought from retail in 2022 is expected to be returned. These returns lead to a massive increase in packaging and vehicle emissions for shipping which then produces harmful waste and greenhouse gases. 

To prevent this damage from escalating, it is now more important than ever to think about who and where you’re buying your next gift from. To avoid a run-in with choice anxiety, consider these zero-waste alternatives that can brighten your gift recipient’s day without creating a stain on the environment.


Eco-Friendly Clothing Designed To Last

Sustainable Shoes
1.The Rackle ALEX Natural-Verte Mode


Sustainable Shoes
IImage: Rackle


Created with a 100% hemp upper and a biodegradable foam outsole, the ALEX is situated at the intersection between environmentally friendly and comfortability. Due to its hemp composition, this incredible shoe is durable, lightweight, anti-microbial and water resistant.

2.BORÅS Grape Leather Sneakers In Oyster-Verte Mode


BORÅS Grape Leather Sneakers
Image: 1 People


These cutting edge sneakers are designed with the latest and greatest in biomaterials, VEGEA. Developed with people and the planet in mind, VEGEA is generated through the combination of 100% cozy organic cotton with bio-compounds taken from post-wine-making waste.

Eco-Consciously Dress To Impress
3.Chic Silk Dresses From Verte Mode

Chic Silk DressesWomen Dress
Images: Made by Voz

 These 100% silk charmeuse dresses offer elegance that flatters any body type and colors that match any event.

4.Organic Cotton Collection-Verte Mode

Organic Cotton fashionable cloths
Images: Conscious Design Studio

These pieces are prime examples of attractive, fashionable garments that come without the cost of our environment. Each organic cotton item is designed with primarily natural and deadstock materials.

5.Classic Button Up Shirts From Verte Mode

Classic Button Up ShirtsButton Up Shirts
Images: Paneros

Fabricated from 100% tencel, a form of regenerated cellulose, these shirts are soft, stylish and sustainable. They also come with two chest pockets to store all the compliments you’ll receive wearing this look.

Warm Winter Accessories

6.A Better Beanie In Deep Navy-Verte Mode


Beanie In Deep Navy
Image: Hyer Goods

For those looking to buy luxury European clothing at a much lower price, these beanies are the perfect product. By using high-quality Italian deadstock, they are not only keeping waste out of landfills but also providing stylish warmth ready to weather any storm.


7.Ethically Made Snug Socks From Verte Mode


Snug Socks
Image: 1 People

Employing elastic fibres extracted from naturally grown beech wood, these socks are made with care that you can feel in each step. Not to mention the process to form the breathable fabric into flexible socks is entirely energy self-sufficient.


8.Radiant Recycled Gold Jewelry-Verte Mode

Radiant Recycled Gold Jewelry Gold Jewelry
Images: Laura Elizabeth

Each piece of stunning jewelry offers a unique chance for self-expression while consciously avoiding environmental damage. Without nickel, cadmium or lead, this non-toxic collection is cast with 100% recycled brass and plated with 14 karat gold.

 Home Goods That Help The Environment

9.Stainless Steel Straw From Verte Mode


Stainless Steel Straw
Image: SWZLE

Originating from a desire to protect Earth’s oceans from pollution and its animals from harm, each steel straw purchased replaces thousands of single-use plastic straws. Manufactured from durable stainless steel and BPA free, these straws are made to last a lifetime.


10.Handwoven Jute Tote Bag-Verte Mode


Handwoven Jute Tote Bag
Image: Neepa Hut

This tote bag is handmade using traditional Southeast Asian crafting methods in the Philippines from seagrass and features a zipper to keep contents safe.


11.Dog History 101 Blanket From Verte Mode 


Dog History 101 Blanket
Image: Awoo Pets

Whether for an animal companion or just getting snuggly on the couch, this throw blanket is up for the task. Assembled from threads of recycled yarn, this sturdy blanket is eager to share memories with you and your pet.


12.Quality Candles-Verte Mode

fragrances CandlesQuality Candles
Images: Aerangis

Centered in preparing fragrances using solely natural ingredients, experience candles made with plant-based wax, allergen-free and without the use of synthetic dyes. 

13.Portable Purifying Water Bottle From Verte Mode


.Portable Purifying Water Bottle
Image: waatr

The most advanced in portable water purification, this water purifier fits into the cap of the bottle. In turn, this allows for an hourly self-cleaning of the bottle, destruction of 99.9% of  e. Coli from water in 3 minutes and a rechargeable battery that lasts up to a week.



Sustainable Self-Care Products

14.Fragrant Selection Of Soaps-Verte Mode


Fragrant Soaps
Image: Evolve Botanica

Sourced from local and natural ingredients, these sustainable soaps avoid chemicals that could blemish skin or the environment. The soap pictured contains a lovely compound of shea butter, olive oil, goat milk and georgia wildflower honey among other organic elements.


15.Green Sky Matcha Face Mask From Verte Mode


Green Sky Matcha Face Mask
Image: Urban Pulse

Capable of being applied as an on the spot treatment as well as a frequent face mask, this matcha clay targets all dirt and impurities. When activated, the charcoal within draws out bacteria which enables a cleanse that leaves skin smooth and glowing.


16.Artisan Crafted Tatreez Scrunchies-Verte Mode


Artisan Crafted Tatreez Scrunchies
Image: Darzah

Drawing from the traditional Palestinian art form of tatreez, these scrunchies are hand embroidered by refugees and low-income women. Each piece is made from upcycled materials and hopes to tell a story with every stitch.


17.The Ultimate Clean Skin Starter Set From Verte Mode


Clean Skin Starter Set
Image: Seed Phytonutrients

Implementing the components of this vegan ultimate clean skin starter set will leave your skin and desire to give back to the environment satisfied. Rich in nourishing seed oils, following the set’s regimen is guaranteed to keep your skin supple and moisturized.


18.Nourishing Organic Lip Conditioner-Verte Mode


Nourishing Organic Lip Conditioner
Image: Blue Heron Botanicals

This certified USDA organic lip balm comes in a compostable paper tube so it remains entirely plastic free. The mixture of shea butter, coconut oil and cocoa butter works to create a long lasting soothing sensation that revitalizes your lips.


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