Sustainable Date Night Ideas: A Green Valentine’s Celebration | Verte Mode

Sustainable Date Night Ideas: A Green Valentine’s Celebration | Verte Mode

With the season of love just right around the corner, you might be thinking what to get the person or people you love most. A beautiful bouquet of flowers to their box of delicious chocolates, the possibilities are truly endless. Sometimes however, it’s not always about the material contents. Wholesome, intimate activities with the ones you love most are not only inexpensive, but they are also sustainable and earth conscious. A win, win! When it comes to a sustainable Valentines Day gift, Verte Mode has also got you covered with top fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands and products you will fall in love with, literally. Take a few to read through what we recommend achieving a truly wonderful holiday this February!

Having a sit-down dinner at your favorite restaurant may seem like the appropriate act, however cooking a homemade meal has various benefits. Not only will you be saving money, you also will save the planet. For those who love to cook and provide a dinner for the one they love, stir clear from plastic or wooden utensils, plates, napkins, and balloons. Instead, look for cloth material items as these can be reusable and perfect for a home cooked Valentine's Day meal. This would be the time to display your beautiful ceramic dishware. Verte Mode Kitchen Must Haves provide top sustainable picks you must have. Fresh, homemade meals using ingredients you already have in your possession will be extremely helpful. Be creative! Set up a charcuterie board made up of all the sweet and savory leftovers to add to your plate. While flowers are traditional for the holiday, nothing is truly better than fresh flowers hand-picked are also a beautiful way to show love. Pink tulips to rich red roses, there is so much to choose from.
Reusable Bamboo Cutlery Travel Set - BAGITO

Organic Cotton Reusable Towel Roll Set - BAGITO

Organic Handmade Neem Wood Serving Spoon - BIT OF MERAKI

Organic Curves' Handmade Brown Neem Wood Oval Shape Serving Platter - BIT OF MERAKI

Wanting to indulge in an activity with your partner this Valentine's Day does not mean to have to fall victim to consumerism. Finding personal and intimate acts to be a part of is how you do your part this holiday. Having a picnic may seem cliche to most, however, dedicating time out of your day to compose an intimate picnic with your partner can show so much. As seen in popular movies and TV shows that we love, picnics allow for you to get personal. With this, you are able to pick the favorite you know your partner loves. From food and drinks to their most desired dessert choice. Pick a spot you both will enjoy. Whether you live near cityscape or rural open land areas.

Organic Hand Screen-Printed 100% Cotton Dish Cover- Set Of 2- BIT OF MERAKI

Everyday Cloth Napkins - Desert Sun - ABLEWORTH

Picking out a material item for your partner is always in style. Verte Mode has top selections of fashion, beauty, and home good products perfectly sustainable for your person this holiday. Skincare brands such as Nicely Natural have top selling clean, all-natural deodorant for those who seek toxin free. B-organic’s soap line allows for luxurious scent, while nourishing the skin surface. Terra Thread, Hyer Goods, and Raven + Lily are brands with must-have picks for those who love to add a sustainable pick to their collection. Verte Mode’s Best Seller List is an provides you with our consumers favorites that will definitely be everyone's on your list!

Mini Bucket Bag Black - HYER GOODS

Card Wallet Olive Croc - HYER GOODS

Aarde Eco Friendly Gym Bag- TERRA THREAD

While coming up with a solid plan for Valentine's Day may come off as stressful, we hope the resources at Verte Mode allow for a seamless, easy, and sustainable holiday.

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