Five Mother’s Day Gifts She Could Actually Use

Thoughtful and Green: Sustainable Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Every Mom

In lieu of Mother’s Day approaching around the corner, it is important to acknowledge our personal footprint on the planet during any holiday occasion. For holidays that involve gift-giving, such as Mother’s Day, many products often end up in landfills. To avoid contributing to this excessive waste, we have compiled a list of sustainable gifts that could be of actual use for your mother.

1. Ora’s Amazing Herbal - Touchy Skin Salve


This natural moisturizer helps people with sensitive skin thanks to the addition of licorice implemented in the formula. The licorice helps reduce inflammation, which could be beneficial for mothers who may need that in their skin care routine. This skin salve can be applied for multiple reasons, ranging from bug bites, cracked heels, dry patches, and make-up removal. Best of all, this skin salve is fragrance free making it accessible for those sensitive to fragrances or perfumes. Thanks to the glass jar container, your mother could rinse and reuse the container for other needs, further eliminating any reason to throw it away.

2. Help Coastal Birds & Habitats Bar Soap - Audubon Society

Bar Soap

Finding the right bar soap can make the everyday shower truly special. This soap handmade and distributed by the Audubon Society boasts a soothing bathing experience. With natural ingredients like lavender, coconut oil, and frankincense, this bar of soap lacks the artificial chemical composition that many large soap brands fall prey to. In addition to the soap’s ability to make your mother’s skin feel refreshingly clean, you can also take pride in contributing to a great cause due to 10% of your proceeds going to the Audubon Society. Buying this soap supports the Audubon Society’s mission to protect the vulnerable habitats of coastal birds that are threatened by climate change.

3. Lizush BE COOL MAMA Water Bottle

COOL MAMA Water Bottle

For the physically active mother in our lives, this stainless steel water bottle is perfect for Mother’s Day. It’s even more appropriate considering the bottle boasts the phrase “Be Cool Mama”. The charming phrase and slim form factor would elicit a smile from any mother receiving this pleasant gift for her special day!

4. LYT UV-C Water Purifying Cap Only

LYT UV-C Water Purifying Cap

If your active and out-going mother already has a water bottle, then you could give her this handy electric water purifier. This portable cap purifier can easily fit a wide variety of common reusable water bottles. Capable of filtering 99.9% e.coli and other common contaminants found in tap water, the LYT UV-C Purifying Cap also self-cleans the bottle and prevents mold growth, which helps reduce the need to handwash your bottle. This high-tech, forward-thinking purification solution is an ideal gift for Mother’s Day!

5. Lizush ENJOY A WARM HUG Ceramic Mug

Ceramic Mug

This adorable companion piece to the aforementioned “Be Cool Mama” water bottle is a microwave-safe coffee mug suitable for both cold and warm drinks. Adorning a similarly cute message that perfectly aligns with the mood of Mother’s Day, this mug naturally fits in multiple settings, be it at an office or a homely setting. With the smooth glossy finish and the nature baked bottom, this will surely become a mother’s favorite mug!

6. Reusable Glass Coffee Cup with Cork Band

Coffee Cup

Another great gift for the coffee-loving mother in your life. This reusable coffee cup comes in two sizes, 8oz and 12oz, both ideal sizes for quick cups of coffee in a pinch! With the cork band and tempered glass, you won't have to worry about that hot coffee burn as it will always be comfortable to hold. The affordable price and compact build of the cup makes it an ideal quick and easy gift for mother's day!

7. Steep and Mellow - "Hippie" Tea Bundle


Have your mom explore a suite of delicious teas with this Steep and Mellow "Hippie" Tea Bundle. Featuring Groove Green tea, Flow Black tea, and Dream Chamomile tea, this bundle will entertain the taste buds and soothe the soul. In addition to this selection of teas, you will also receive a canvas tote bag and two wooden stickers! 

8. Live Like You Green It Nostalgia Organic Beauty Oil

Enhance your mother's skincare routine with this organic beauty oil from Live Like You Green It. This antioxidant-rich moisturizer will help strengthen freshen up your skin while inducing a delightful scent as an added bonus. This highly versatile oil can be used during day and night. With the absence of superfluous ingredients or chemicals, this oil acts much more effectively than the common retail brands.

9. Smart Self Cleaning Water Bottle

self-cleaning water bottle

Why not take high-tech water bottles to the next level? This smart self-cleaning water bottle uses similar technology as the aforementioned water purifying cap. However, it takes it a step further with its vaccuum-sealed interior, keeping your beverages warm or cool for the entire day. If your mother could use a new water bottle, or doesn't have a reusable water bottle yet, this impressive self-cleaning water bottle is the one to get.

10. Love / Honeysuckle Scent: Candles for Good


.Enliven the household this mother's day with this aptly titled scented candle. With the sweet scent of honeysuckle brightening the day, you can also take comfort in the fact that your purchase goes toward an important cause. The WWF fund receives a portion of the proceeds for this candle, which helps protect the koalas from the intensifying brushfires in Australia. As an added bonus, you can keep the recycled glass container and reuse it for other purposes!



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