Four Necessary Thrifting Tips for Beginners | Verte Mode

Four Necessary Thrifting Tips for Beginners | Verte Mode

Thrifting: everyone has their own tips and tricks of the trade, because it’s truly an individualized art form. Yes, you heard it right, an art form. How else is there to describe it? It’s also a great eco-friendly practice, and one I think you should give a shot. It cuts down on your carbon footprint and stops once-loved items from finding their place in the landfills, bringing new life to what could have been abandoned. It’s like the Island of Misfit Toys, but for really interesting pieces. Thrifting is also a great way to live sustainably on a budget. There are tons of reasons why shopping secondhand matters, which we’ve gone into in this blog, and we hope you’ll look into it.

Paneros Eden Sweater Sand Dollar

 Perfectly paired with a pair of pants or thrown over a dress.

Now I’ve definitely seen my fair share of unique finds that have sparked my interest, from clothes to glassware to odds and ends you wouldn’t find anywhere else. We all have our sights set on something when we head on in, and since I’m a DVD kind of gal, I've added 22 discs to my ever-growing horror movie collection over the course of a little under a year. On top of that, I’ve also picked up 5 books and a lovely draped doily to go over the top of my writing desk. But we’re not here to talk about DVDs or doilies, as much as I would love to boast about my finds; we’re here to talk about clothes and how you can find the perfect gems. For more information on how to navigate sustainable fashion, check out this blog here. And for crafting a wardrobe on a budget, we’ve got more tips over here.


Color and Pattern

To start us off is a little trick I learned from one of my favorite YouTubers: pick out items on the rack based on color and pattern. It’s hard to see the designs of the item when it’s all bunched together but those two are easy to spot characteristics from where you’re standing. You can skim through tons of clothes and then evaluate the cut and fit of the ones you’re most likely to wear.

Paneros Olivia Mini Dress

 This mini dress is flirty and flared, a touch of flair that's great for everyday life.


Inspect Everything

You’re going to want to do more than just a once over of the garment. Just because something was well-loved doesn’t mean it was cared for very well. Inspect all of the seams and check the color, as well. Does it look dinghy or faded or otherwise worn out? Are buttons missing? Are there any tears? I once bought a torn skirt from a secondhand shop, and that was the last time I ever let something like that slide past me. You live and you learn.


Paneros Mabel Blouse Prairie Bloom

 A floral pattern that will bring a bit of elegance to any outfit.


Take Note

Before you even go to the thrift shop, we suggest going through your closet and taking note of what you have and what you need. There’s no point in bringing home more pants if you already have your fair share. A simple list will do. Sometimes we get so caught up in the find that we forget one very important question: do I actually need this?

Fabrics to Avoid

Things like polyester, nylon, polyamide, and acrylic contain microplastics, which are released into the water when washed. Look for more sustainable fabrics such as linen, wool, and organic cotton. Check the tag to find out more, and skip over garments without one. It’s better to stick on the safe side when purchasing clothes, especially if you want to maintain a sustainable lifestyle. This also means avoiding fast fashion labels, as a side note.

So there you have it. These tips are sure to start you off on your next thrifting adventure.


Paneros Fia Cardigan Pink Multi

 This cozy cardigan will keep you warm in those chilly seasons.

Paneros Kate Blazer in Cherry Punch

 It's the blazer you didn't know you needed, coming in with a cherry punch twist.


Paneros Flora Mini Dress Night Bloom

 Fashion is in bloom with this floral dress.


Paneros Florence Mini Dress Golden Toile

 It'll bring a touch of sunshine to any rainy day.


Paneros Aurora Midi Dress Paisley Garden

 A spring dream, this dress is sure to leave you twirling in delight.


Paneros Jolene V Neck Sweater in Charcoal

 It'll be here to keep you cozy no matter what the day brings (like Wisconsin snowstorms in March).


Paneros Gia Maxi Dress Mango

This Maxi dress in a bright Mango shade is the perfect dress for those warm summer days.

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