Sustainable, Size Inclusive, Stylish Swimwear Brand on Verte Mode

Sustainable, Size Inclusive, Stylish Swimwear Brand on Verte Mode

Summer is just a season away, and I don’t know about you, but I’m over those chilly spring days. It’s time for shorts and cute dresses and -- you guessed it -- swimsuits. Doesn’t that last word strike fear into you? If you’ve had your fair share of bad luck trying to find one, it probably does. A swimsuit is supposed to hug your body, but more often than not, it hugs your body in all the wrong places. And when it comes to being eco-friendly and sustainable, most swimsuits you find in a traditional store won’t be. You see, most swimsuits are made with plastics, and those microplastics in the fabric wash out and get into our water supply. I mean, did you know that 70% of all clothes are made from plastic-based fibers? In general, we really need to cut down on plastics. For this reason, traditional, box store swimsuits are a bad choice. You also have to look out for greenwashing, which makes it even harder to find a suit that’s vibrant and eco-friendly and makes you feel comfortable in your own skin. But BOLD Swim offers sustainable, inclusive, and chic styles of swimsuits that will flatter any body type. That’s no exaggeration. Your days of awkward fitting suits and bad coverage are over. Really.

Their one piece suits are a fresh twist on the classic, which is always a refreshing take to see. It’s tempting to want to hide away behind excess fabric, but BOLD Swim creates elegant shapes to compliment any woman’s curves. You can go the traditional route or choose something that shows a little more skin. For example, their flora one piece is a chic reversible suit which really does hug the body in all the right places. With rouging ties, it brings the perfect shape.

Their bikinis are just as timeless and beautiful, too. Bikinis are this sought after but feared thing, but they shouldn’t have to be. Their Ava bikini piece wraps around the body perfectly. It covers just enough that even those a little more shy when it comes to swimsuit choices would feel comfortable wearing it.

And if you look through their product materials, you’ll see that a chunk of it is recycled. They also use Amni Soul Eco for 90% of their products, which decomposes after just five years. That’s wonderful to hear for anyone who’s eco-conscious. That’s why it’s really important to shop sustainably: because brands like this seek to be gentle with the Earth.

There’s really something for everyone, from more conservative to just the right amount of skin. The designer wants to be inclusive and it truly shows. You can find BOLD Swim swimsuits now over on Verte Mode, but you can also check out a few of their pieces below. You can also check out more of our swimsuits here.

Emma balconette bikini top

Emma Cutout Bikini Bottoms

This classic bikini style accented with cross straps on the back comes in bright orange and has sleek oval cut-outs on the sides, making for a stunning swimsuit.

Flora One Piece

This reversible suit brings a sophisticated look in both tan fabric and leaf patterning.

Blue Allium Bikini Top

Blue Allium Bikini Bottom

With a bandeau top, this lovely bikini gives that classic bombshell look with a Terry-like fabric twist.

Kennedy Top

Kennedy Bottom

This bikini drapes beautifully along the body in an elegant fashion. The gold beading adds a delicate touch to the deep blue fabric.

Ava Bikini Top

Ava Bikini Bottom

Made with velvet like fabric, this suit provides moderate coverage for those who want to go for a bikini but don’t want the traditional cut.

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