Shop Sustainable: 18 Amazon Alternatives for Eco-Friendly Consumers | Verte Mode

Shop Sustainable: 18 Amazon Alternatives for Eco-Friendly Consumers | Verte Mode

Amazon is taking over the world! Alright, that might be a touch dramatic, but it’s undeniable that Amazon’s rise to popularity has led to a number of environmental concerns. Despite Amazon’s commitment to sustainable packaging and practices, the reality is that a majority of products available on the online marketplace don’t align with eco-friendly principles. As a sustainable marketplace, Verte Mode carefully chooses to collaborate with eco-friendly brands. Our goal is to bring you products that not only embody sustainability at its highest form but are safe and healthy for consumers. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled 18 of our favorite eco-friendly Amazon alternatives for you to enjoy! 

18 Eco-Friendly Amazon Alternatives:

Sunnie Plastic-Free Shampoo Bar- Mango Scent

Switch out your bottled shampoo with Sunnie’s plastic-free shampoo bar! This creamy, long-lasting shampoo is pact with coconut oil and cocoa butter to help rehydrate hair. Did you know one bar replaces up to three 250ml bottles of liquid conditioner?

Sunnie Plastic-Free Conditioner Bar- Mango Scent

Pair Sunnie’s Shampoo Bar with their long-lasting conditioner bar. This creamy, salon-quality conditioner bar soothes and smoothest locks for the perfect shiny look. It’s clean conscience benefits extend beyond hair, with recyclable and compostable packaging, it’s the perfect eco-friendly choice.

Bagito Reusable Premium Organic Cotton Tote Bag

Made from organic cotton canvas and double stitched for durability, the Bagito Tote Bag is your go-to reusable shopping bag. Equipped with extra large pockets and reinforced handles, this is your sign to ditch plastic bags.  

Terra Thread Zem Mini Backpack

Not a fan of purses but still looking for a stylish pack to hold your belongings? Look no further, the Terra Thread Mini Backpack is the best backpack for everyday use and the environment. 

Topfoxx Sustainable Venice 2 Sunglasses - Faded Black

The Venice 2 Sunglasses by Topfoxx elevate any outfit with its sleek design and black matte frame. It’s UV protection and scratch resistant lenses keep you looking and feeling amazing. 


Yes and Bianca Hoodie Dress

The Bianca Hoodie Dress offers amazing comfort for your daily activities and unique style with each piece individually hand-dyed. Some fun, fresh details include a big front pocket, drawstring hood, banded hem, and hidden thumbhole detail that also comes in four different colors. 


1 People Munich - PYRATEX® Organic Cotton Leggings - Green Ash

If you’re all about comfort, the cotton leggings by 1 People are just that! These leggings hug your body in all the right places, made out of elastic, buttery soft, and breathable material that’s sustainably made.


Mom Bomb Essential Oil Blends Bath Bombs W/ CBD Bag

Everyone needs some TLC, treat yourself with a nice bath using the CBD Essential Oils Bath Bomb. CBD is commonly used to help reduce symptoms of pain and anxiety without any psychoactive effects. Each bath bomb is made with the richest, natural essential oil blends to best fit your body.



1 People Borås - Grape Leather Classic Sneakers - Pheasant

Meet the classic everyday sneakers with clean, minimal finish - made from grape leather, add these classic sneakers to your everyday shoe rotation. These sneakers are made with people and planet in mind, offering ultra-comfort.


Honey Cake Tiger Organic Short Sleeve Dress - Magical Jungle

The Honey Cake Tiger Dress is perfect for kiddos to run and play in. Made of organic cotton and produced locally in San Diego, these fun dresses are made with care.

Gentle & Joyful Ready To Rumble Romper

Let you little one run and play wearing the Rumble Romper. The ultra soft material keeps the kiddos comfortable and cozy while the easy to zip up feature offers the convenience you need prepping for a family day out. 



Not Pot Soothing Pet CBD Oil

Your best friend’s new best friend. The vet-approved, pet-approved CBD oil is broad spectrum, formulated to soothe furbabies of all spots and stripes. The Not Pot Pet CBD oil is a clean, and effective way to keep your furry friend calm during scary thunderstorms or help cope with separation anxiety. 

Awoo Pet Essentials Pack Collar

Like all good pups, this collar is a blend of the best qualities. The perfect collar that combines the gentle control and no-slip security of a tension collar with the easy  on-and-off of a fast-release buckle. Did we mention the color options are just adorbs. 

Awoo Pet Essentials Dog History 101 Blanket

Reach a dog-like level of zen and relaxation with this tapestry throw blanket. Woven with cotton and recycled yarns, this blanket is perfect to drape on the bed, hang on the wall, or snuggle with your furry friend.


Awoo Pet Essentials Bag Holder

Made with smooth, durable silicone, the lightweight profile is the perfect poo bag holder. Attach it conveniently to your pet’s leash, a handbag, or your own belt, the Awoo Bag Holder makes cleaning up after your pet a breeze.


Kiliim Intervals Bath Mat

Handcrafted and made of 100% cotton, the Kiliim Bathmat is a unique design that creates quite the aesthetic for any bathroom. 


Lizush Handmade All-Natural Vegan Shower Steamers Gift Set

Whether you're looking to elevate your shower experience or give a gift for a friend, you’ll be sure to love the beautiful Vegan Shower Steamers Gift Set by Lizush. This Shower Steamers Set comes in an elegant box and includes 12 shower steamer cubes packed with essential oils, giving your skin the TLC it so much deserves.

Seedling Organic Skincare Me Time Set

The Seedling Organic Skincare Me Time Set is packed with all the good stuff your skin craves. Made from Moroccan lava clay, peppermint leaf, and amla berry, get rid of pores while exfoliating your skin, giving it that soft glow appearance all at once.  

Amazon’s global presence is undeniable, but so are the environmental concerns it raises. While the convenience factor may be tempting, the reality is that a significant portion of their products don’t align with eco-friendly principles. At Verte Mode, our mission is to bridge this gap by thoughtfully curating a selection of eco-friendly brands that share our commitment to a greener lifestyle. Check out these products and much more on our site. 

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