Sustainable Dinner Parties

Sustainable Dinner Parties

Dinner Parties are all the rage nowadays. It's a great way for people to get together and socialize the old fashioned way, bonding over food and good conversation. I go to dinner parties twice a year for about five or six weeks through my church, and it’s a great experience. If you want to get to know people better, whether they’re old friends or new acquaintances, dinner parties are the perfect way to do that. But with this comes the goal of making it sustainable. You want your guests to have a wonderful time while also benefitting the environment. You want to create a welcoming setting while also crafting one that's eco-friendly. There are a variety of ways to go about it, but here are just a few.

Swap Out Red Meats

Offset your carbon footprint by choosing veggie substitutes or something like chicken or turkey, which takes less feed and water to make.

Buy Local

Spring is here, and with that comes local, outdoor markets. Sometimes they'll even have them year round. Buying local is an awesome way to support your local businesses while also offsetting your carbon footprint. It takes energy to transport food and produce across the country just to get it to your table, so buying local cuts down on that aspect. There are a lot of options locally. You can also buy flowers from local shops to decorate the table.

Thrift Your Table Settings or Buy Sustainable Options

If you don't have enough dishes or silverware or place mats, you can probably find it secondhand or from online sustainable retailers, like Verte Mode. We have more information on hosting green gatherings.

Go Reusable

As much as doing the dishes can be a pain -- especially if you have a lot of people coming over -- it helps reduce waste. The Earth will thank you for choosing reusable dishes and silverware. We have some great options available for you.

Everyday Napkin - Enchanted Forest

A blue blush napkin that adds a touch of elegance to any dinner.

Everyday Napkin - Tropical Punch

A bright pink napkin with a tropical punch twist.

Cocktail Napkin - Enchanted Forest

Much like the everyday napkin, but in cocktail form. Perfect for drinks and appetizers.

No. 50 Soiree Noire

Turn your dinner party into a black tie event with this candle.

No. 51 Secret Garden

With scents of cedarwood, vanilla, and incense, this candle is a lovely addition to any formal event.

Candle No.1 The Beginning

A burst of clean smelling florals.

Home Cleaning Powder

A three-in-one natural cleaner, for uses such as the dishwasher.

Evolve Botanica Specialty Soap - Gardener's Soap

A hearty exfoliating soap made for gardeners but also great for cleaning.

Himalayan Salt Soap Bar, Natural Unscented Soap, Vegan Handmade Soap

A cleansing and moisturizing bar made of Himalayan salt.

Natural Handmade Soap Bar, Pink Grapefruit Soap

A grapefruit scented cleansing and moisturizing bar.

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